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Coach With 2 Potential Superstars

Hi, a good friend of mine told me that i should visit this site and i think its the best thing. I’ve read up on quite a few articles and I’m amazed at the information available at this site and find it a great source for all athletes.

I have a situation and was wondering if some of you guys could help me out. I have 2 brothers that plan on playing football next year one a junior, and one a sophmore. There both in high school the sophmore is 15 years old, the junior is 16 years old. They both have some real nice genetics but never lifted seruiosly but they do have the technique on the basic lifts, deads, chins, squats, cleans.

Heres some info on them:
The Sophmore
Age: 15
Height: 6’2 1/2
Weight: 215 lbs
Body-type: Skinny and long. bf% 15%
Squat: 175lbs (hasnt squatted to much)
Bench: 165 lbs (hasnt benched to much)
Dead: 195lbs
40: 5.0 (slow off start)
Vert: 24 inches standing
Real aggresive, and can really run the ball.

The Junior
Age: 16
Height 6’6"
Weigght: 215 lbs
Bodytype: Skinny long, 12%bf
Squat: 195 lbs
Dead: 215 lbs
40: 5.2 closer to 5.3
Vert: 22 inches standing
Has got some terrific hands and even tho slow can play the wide reciever spot becuase of the hands and lenght and is a huge target.

We just had a 0-10 season, and i think these 2 guys can change that i feel the soph can play running back and safety, and the junior has the potential to be a terrific wr.

Now i wanted to ask you guys what advice do you think i should give them becuase i feel they can have similiar training plans, and they are going to train together, any tips or advice will help, im just trying to get them athletic is the junior gets fast i feel he can get 25tds, and if the sophmore gets fast, and stronger hell rush for 1000+yards theres a whole lot of potential.
Thanks in advance


Read up on articles by John Davies and Joe DeFranco.

DeFranco has a great article/template callled Westside for skinny bastards. Great for athletes.


Read them once long ago, no idea if they’re good programs, but I doubt JB would post’m if they weren’t decent.

I read up on defrancos and davies stuff, im by far no expert but the davies stuff looks great except the lifting doesnt look like the best and he reccomends alot of snatches, and olympic lifts and these guys are 6’3 and 6’6" and very young so i dont really think their bodies are any where near coordinated enought to be able to properly. I have no idea how im going to scedule it becuase they both practice basketball, about 3-4xs a week during the season not full courts but they told me its indivudual skills, tremendous ball players by the way. I looking at defrancos and ran into that top 15 article and its looks like great exercises, are weight room doesnt have reverse hypers, glute ham raises, or trap bars. What i have in mind is maybe sticking with some seruios base building maybe lifting 3xs a week becuase i read that lifting more often with lower intensity is better to learn the movement pattern. So what i have in mind is for the first 12 weeks is maybe basic lifts 3xs a week lifts like chins, the snatch deadlift sounds great, bench, pull-ups, and some type of squat, also that split squat sounds real nice cause big guys usually tend to have weak flexibility, that and some type of low plyos that will help with coordination, maybe the jumproping stuff from davies, and some sprints.Any advice will helps thanks


I’m guessing that both of them will be weak in the core since they are long and lanky. This will limit their lifts like the squat more than anything else, and risk injury due to buckling if you try to push the max lift stuff.

By the same token, their slowness is probably directly attributable to being weak, assuming they have resonable form.

I would suggest using DeFranco’s Westside for the skinny bastard, but stay away from 1rm stuff completely for quite a while. Do lots of core stuff like GHR and Reverse Hypers, plus lots of sled dragging to improve GPP.

Lastly, don’t try to apply the full skinny bastard program initially. They probably lack enough conditioning to prevent overtraining, and you will fry their CNS if you do too much too soon with the heavy lifts.

You might read some of Dave Tate’s stuff on this site to get a better feel for how to modify the West side protocol for beginners. Defranco toned down the skinny bastard program some, but for novices it may still be too much too soon.


Tokendudes’ reply is a good one. Like he said, stay away from the 1rm and stick with the 5rm. Be SURE to buy a dragging sled. Look at www.elitefts.com for them… I welded and bent up my own and it’s great! Theirs is the one I’d buy if I was looking to. Just make sure you do it!