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Coach, What Do You Think Of This?

Hey Coach Thibaudeau,

I have made this workout scheme and was wondering if it makes sense and has potential. It’s a combination made after reading the articles ‘How to design a damn good program’, ‘How to build your own training program’, ‘How to Build Size and Strength Simoultaneously’ and ‘Blending size and strength 2.0’. I’m quite new to bodybuilding and weightlifting and decided to change to a split after 6 months of a three days a week TBT. Well… here it is:

For the heavy days I plan on doing 5 work sets of 5 reps to focus on strength development with enough rest in between sets (2 - 3 minutes) except for the Face Pull and EZ curl. For the Kroc Rows, I’m doing 4 sets of 5 and the last one AMRAP.
On the lighter ‘pump’ days I plan on doing 4 sets of 8 - 12 reps with moderate rest (1 - 1,5 minute) and weighted stretch on the last set with the flyes. Maybe some set-extending techniques like drop-sets with the isolation exercises to chase the pump a bit.

Well that’s about it. I’m curious about what you have to say about it, Coach

Hi mate, just do power look or 915 as is. Then adjust

Thank you for your advice! I’ll take a look at it!