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Coach Thibadeau, Can You Critique this Protocol


I visited a trainer listed on Poliquin's site for biosignature modulation. My scores were as follows:

Chin 10.6
Cheek 11.4
Pec 3.1
Tri's 7.6
Sub-Scap 15.1
Mid Axil 13.5
Supra Illiac 19.2
Umbillicus 31.1
Knee 7.8
Calf 10.5
Quad 20.4
Hamstring 18.2
Sum 168.5
% fat 18.7

He said I was a "cortisol/insulin-guy" and recommended the following:

BioDetox Packs 1 pack 2x/day
GLA 1 cap 2x/day
ADHS 2 caps 2x/day
B-Supreme 1 cap 3x/day
Panetheine Supreme 1 cap 3x/day

Does this seem right because it's nothing like the insulin resistant (which he said I was) protocol that Poliquin put you on. I'm guessing everyone has different needs but I'd really appreciate your insight.


Your problem is mostly cortisol. Your insulin management doesn't seem to be that bad. But a higher supra-iliac than subscapular tells me that you might be ingesting too much carbs for what your body needs.

However your subscap doesn't indicate genetic carbs intolerance as it is not drastically higher than other sites.

My recommendations would obviously depend on many questions I would ask (mostly regarding sleeping patterns and daily energy level fluctuations) but cortisol modulation would be my main concern.

I don't see an immediate need for insulin-modulating supplements; I would simply focus on not ingesting carbs except for the peri-workout period.


Thanks coach, feel free to ask away. If you do an email consultation, I'd be interested. BTW, I've low-carbing for weeks now. I love it!


You are carb intolerant because your subscap is above 10!So your subscap does indicate that you should avoid carbs. You also eat to much carbs. By doing this you lose control of Insulin and Cortisol. So your Cortisol Problem is caused at least partially by your high carb diet. The protocol is pure shit. The Insulin Protocol looks for example like this:

1.Multiintense 2 Tabs 4 times daily
2.Fish Oil up to 40g a day!Small doses with every meal
3.HCL!Have you done the test?
4.Vitamin B 5 is okay
5.Ã?bermag 2 Caps before bed time together with one capsule Panthetine Synergy

This is what it could look like!The best solution is to take the Biosig Seminar and ask Charles to measure you!


Daniel, are you Poliquin certified? If yes, what the F dude? How could the guy give me a shit protocol? The guy I went to see is Poliquin certified. Not only did I get his contact info off of Poliquin's site but this guy also has published on there as well and, I assure you, it wasn't cheap.

Bastard! I'm not bitter.


What kind of specialist does this and what is its main purpose?