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Coach T: Surge Workout Fuel vs. FINiBARs


Hey Christian. Most of the time I get diarrhea when consuming ANACONDA with Surge Workout Fuel (and of course MAG-10). However, if I omit one of them I seem to be fine. I assume it is all of the beta alanine causing this. I just ordered FINiBARs and am going to experiment to see what works best. My question . . . is it a big loss for me if I don't use Surge Workout Fuel and instead use FINiBARs (basically the original protocol)? Or is the Surge Workout Fuel that much superior? Thanks for your help!


If you have ANACONDA, it won't be a big deal not using Surge Workout Fuel. I tolerate Surge Workout Fuel fine, but if I had to pick one, I'd go with FINiBARs since I like to eat them before lifting so I don't go in hungry.


I had same exact problem. There was a thread about this wahile back but never got a definitive answer. I tried process of elimintation but could never figure out if it was the MAG-10 the Workout fuel or the combination of those with the Anaconda that was doing it. Problem was it didn't happen all the time. One day fine, one day no good and so forth. Could never pinpoint if the culprit was all the casein hydrolysate and leucine, the creatine, the beta alanine or the citrulline maleate. Frustrating.


I think a few people didn't tolerate the Beta Alanine especially well (and all the water in the original protocol didn't "help" -lol). What I believe ended up being the answer on several occasions, was to limit (or eliminate) the Anaconda, use more (or only) MAG-10, and keep the FINiBARs (a favorite of mine because I like training with 'food' in my stomach as well).