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Coach T: Opinion on Raw Glandulars?



Since you have been exposed to so many things, was wanting your experience with raw glandulars; such as a tablet that combines extracts of organ meats with other plant sterols.

I currently take on that has Liver, orchic, thymus, heart, lung, pituitary, adrenal, kidney, prostate, pancreas & hypothalamus.

It also has several plant sterols (like 30).

I am re-evaluating current supplement protocol.

Are there overall benefits from glandulars/sterols?

It's based on the theory the 'like glands nourish like glands" - so by eating these you are helping your overall body.

Thanks for your time.



Vince Gironda was big on glandular supplements. I personally had good results with a product called "adrenals" by AOR. Helped me when I had symptoms of adrenal fatigue.


Yep - the product I use is from Vince's mentee and long time business partner who is still going strong after many years.

I may keep taking them but just back off a little and add some Biotest peri-workout supps - notice a big difference when I get peri WO right.