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Coach Staley! EDT success

i just started the edt arm mesocycle. you will NOT believe this, but the first workout alone gave me a 1/4" increase in arm size! no androgens or anything, just what you said to the “T” minus the surge. this measurement was three days later, and has not gone down any farther. i just finished the second session today and my arms are exhausted-easily the greatest workout i ever had, much less results.

my weak spot has always been arms-i am a football player/powerlifter-and it is great to finally find something that works. i could not believe it, and thanx again.

Where did u find the workout, did u have to order the book?

on this site-use the search

Great work! Send this to me, along with your name and city, to: charles@integratedsportsolutions.com and I’ll send you a book