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Coach Davies

I am may be looking a little far ahead but my senior year of football is going great (thanks to the help of t-mag and the people on this forum) and all i do in class now is plan out my off-season football program for when i make the move from high school to hopefully d-1aa, so i have two questions for coach davies…

  1. what is the order of attributes (strength, agility, etc) that are important for a DT

2)which aspect of strength would you prefer prioritized in a incoming DT freshman? Core, legs, posterior chain, push, pull, or something else

This is a delicate balance of all skills. You cannot overlook anything in your preparation. As an interior line, you have a enormous training requirments that must focus on explosive power/speed/agility and sport specific movment - but in a perspective of your personal traits. I will be pleased to discuss. In faith, Coach Davies

Thank you coach, any advice is greatly apprenticed, …in the early part of off-season I feel I really need to focus on adding mass. I am only 215 right now so I figure I have to gain about 35 quality pounds in the off-season, so I figure I have to keep my energy levels down to just two sessions of rope work, non-weight GPP, and possible fartlek runs (on non-week out days) a week… Before workouts I will be practicing snatches and other complex lifts.

Your comments concern me and I feel I need to state this. Why would you focus on conserving energy levels by reducing work to 2 rope / gpp / fartlek sessions per week - You are a football player & unless your speed & agility is outstanding, that is a not the way to go. You need a to develop like a ball player first. Yes it will be hard but if you apply yourself it is possible and you sure as heck know that I am here to help. In faith, Coach Davies

I was following Ian King recommendations (he suggested it in one of his “questions of Power” to a soccer player looking to bulk in the off season)…would it be wiser to do my rope work and GPP daily even in the first 2 or 3 months of the off-season?

In my opinion, I really don’t think you have the luxury of taking time off speed and agility work. With basically 7 months to prepare for camp, you have a tremendous opportunity to redevelop yourself. Your program needs to have a more specialized approach as a undersized Lineman / Linebacker but without ignoring speed & agility needs. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

what type of specialized approach should i attack with…can you give me what a typical training day would look like in the early phase? if at all possible

There are no typical days because it is something you build upon, but I focus on agility, speed, gpp, strength, spp and weighted gpp daily of varying levels of intensity and volume. I will be able to advise you better if I know more of your physical characteristics. Please outline Ht, (you are 215, right?), 40 (do you have 20 & pro-shuttle #'s) as well as general weight room #'s. Have you been supplmenting and is so which items? Have you narrowed your list of school’s you would like to attend? If you prefer to answer these questions in private, then feel free to email me with the subject title “irontank”. I look forward to being of assistance. In faith, Coach Davies

First off thank you so much for providing me with individual attention, it means a lot especially from a conditioning coach of your caliber. I am 6’2" 215 @ about 9% BF, my 40 is a 5.1, never ran a 20 or pro shuttle, for the weight room #'s I am in middle of rehabbing tendonitis in my right shoulder so I am just now getting back my ability to do upper body work but before the season started I was only benching 215 (1rm), and could do only 3 chins, I was deadlifting 365 (1rm), currently I am full squatting with 225 7-8 reps. Beside protein powder and vitamins I have only tried zma for about a month but football started and I felt sick waking up early while on it. The schools I am looking into are Sacred Heart (#1 choice), Delaware, Sienna, Wagner, or SUNY stony brook, I live on Long Island. Thank you once again, I look forward for your reply

where on LI do u play? I’m from Woodmere and i currently attend UMD.

I think my original pattern of development was correct. Dont ignore any element of performance and develop in a balanced fashion, cognescent of your needs. I think you need to start supplementing and taking in a lot of more calories. What is the plan with shoulder and when can you start training again. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

Hey, I train with the old Coach, and at 9% bf, I will pick you and him up in my truck, we can feed you beer and pizza and make you push the car home.

Irontank no offense but you have some serious work ahead of you, no football players no’s should be that bad, now get to work!!! you have 45 pounds on me and by your no’s i am staronger and fatser than you by a fair margin!!just summit to think about!

I play for Hicksville (not a hick town by any account)… Coach, I plan on supplementing with creatine, glutimine, custom post workout mix from protein factory, and possibly androsol tribex and vitex, Diet will be massive eating will quality carbs (mostly rolled oats and yams) My shoulder is almost normal the pain is about gone, I am slowly going to add weight to my lifts as well as some rotator rehab exercises. My goal is to be back at 100% of my previous strength by the end of my season so I can attack full force in the “off” season. RenOmega, anytime. FFB I know you are trying to light a fire under my ass, no excuses, just give me a year and I will put your numbers to shame

Dude u got some work ahead of you. As a Junior im 175/8%BF at 5’11". Bench: 225, Squat:400 Dead: 450, Clean and Jerk: 170lbs.
Just something to compare to…
Coach Davies How can i contact you to inqire about your personalized/individual training services. I plan on playing college ball and wanted to get a head start on the brutal competition.

Hey, this weeks reader’s mail has my personal email address as well as you can always go my renegadetraining.com website. Look forward to talking to you and yeah lets blow those those college recruiters away. Good to see you thinking ahead. In faith, Coach Davies

I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes by offering some suggestions, but I love football and I was a rather under sized Defensive End, OLB here in San Diego County. I weighed approx. 190(Coaches lied and put 210 on our roster.)

The things that worked best for me, were squats. Tons of 'em… do 'em twice a week at least. You’re gonna need massive legs. Also, get someone else to simulate a snap count and snap a ball at random times… having you explode through a cage, or bar held at just above waist level when you’re standing. This way you can practice at staying low and getting off the ball as fast as possible. If you can explode into the backfield with strong legs you’ll wreak all sorts of havoc.

My numbers were similar to yours at the end of my Jr. year and I got 'em up a bit better by my Sr. year. I was in no way the strongest or fastest guy on the team but technique, and hard work will make you better then the most physically gifted athletes. If you're willing to do what it takes.

And Davies, do you mind if I e-mail you with my numbers? I may have a chance to join a semi pro team here in San Diego, and I’m sure you can help me make some great gains in the speed, str area.

hey no problem - please email me (please note “jake” in the subject so I respond quicker). You’re just down the road from me and I would like to get together, train a bit and get you ready. In faith, Coach Davies

thank you for the reply, jake, can you please explain alittle more about what you mean with holding the bar and coming off the snap,

I am only commenting because I was so pleased with Jake’s comments. Finally a more sport specific comment of working on starts! As Jake noted, you need to focus on a sport specific function of coming of the line on the first movement of the ball, in a manner similar to game conditions (staying low, working on rush techniques, etc). The best way for an interior line-man to work on this facet of his game is with a ball placed as if it was the Center/QB exchange. Thanks, Jake - I don’t know if you realize what a great post that was. In faith, Coach Davies