Coach Davies

Well considering my other post was completely messed up, i think i will start a new one. Coach Davies, i actually play both the “4” and the “5”. So since i am always in the paint, some musculature would be prettty helpful, as well as something that would improve my speed and agility to make me more explosive. Thanks for the help.
Maybe you could describe your renegade program that you reccomend.

i am not coach davies, but i have found personally that doing WSB real wide box squating to really really help with boxing out, defensive shuffle and pushing people out of position while in the post. I wasn’t super good for quickness or jumping, but it helped a lot for strength. Thats my 2 cents.

This I love - a “4 / 5”, tell me about your training facilities. I will be glad to help - I wait to hear from you. In faith, Coach Davies

Hmmm, training facilities,well i live in a condo. So we have a pretty mediocre gym. It consists of a bench press(which goes incline, flat and decline,) It has leg ext./leg curl machine, ab/lowewr back machine, and a fly station. Dumbbeels go from 5 to 30 in 5 pound increments. Basketball season starts in late november, and i wanna be the dominant force on the court, DO YOUR WORST,ICAN TAKE IT!!!

coach davies
i find my self in much the same situation as “flash”. I play the 4 and 5 but am vastly undersized compared to the other players in our league (im 6’2 and all other post players are like 6’7 or more). this offseason ive added gone from 185 to 213 with and am still looking to add more basketball strength. if you could help i would appriate it

Will, those are some nice gains what kind of training did you do?

First of all - this focus is purely the hoop game - do you have a training partner and a rubber med ball the size of a basketball. I will make this as a specialized on this forum I can. If there are any kettlebells that would be great. I hope to hear from you soon. In faith, Coach Davies

No, i dont have either a kettleball or a training partner. When i told my friends that it was gonna be pretty hard they started whining and bitchin. So it looks like im workin alone

this off season i really stepped up my calorie intake and but i am only eating good foods ( lean steaks, tuna, roast beef, veggies, tons of milk, 7 or 8 eggs a day and whey and glutimate and creatine and androsol). And i’ve made a concious effort to sleep more, like 9 or 10 hrs a night, and of course following a sport spacific program for hoops. Thats about it. Alos dont forget that there is some very good basketball books on the market that have awesome drills to do in them. GOOD LUCK

What was your calorie intake? What rep range did u use?

Lets try starting with straightforward day of basic strength and fitness. Given you do not have kettle bells, please use dumbells. If you get ahold of kbells tell me because I will change the order of exercises. Lets start - Rope work, perform 3 minute rounds with 1 minute “active” breaks between rounds. During the breaks you will perform certain exercises.
Rounds 1,2 & 3 - 15 burpees // GPP, jumping jacks, shuffle splits, burpee, board(rim) touch - perform each exercise for 30 seconds, non-stop from movement to movement, 4 continuous sets//Resistance - perform 3 circuits with 30-45 seconds between exercises, One-hand dumbell Snatch x 25, One-legged Squat x 5, Commando Chins x 6-8, Burpee’s x 15, Glute Hams x 25 // repeat rope work and follow with 15 minute shoot-around. - Let me know how it goes. In faith, Coach Davies

really brutal workout. I luved it.It seems that probably burned alot of calories, Seeing as im trying to gain weight, how many calories should i be taking in.

c’mon Flash. The answer is more than you burn. You do realize that EVERYONE has a different metabolism right?