Coach Davies

Hey i recently came accross this site and everyone talks abut how coahc davies is a great trainer. Well im curious as to wut progrmas uhe would recomend for an thlete wanting to gain muscular bodyweigt as well as preparing for an upcoming basketball season

Get his 8 week renegade program, and he can help you add some basketball specific movements and drills. I’ve been using the program for a few weeks, and it’s brutal, but extremely effective.

How about a spell check program to review your posts. I think you may need this more than a training program.

That was fucking hilarious!!! LMAO!! Anyway Flash, go try some of Coach Davies programs. In fact, you could start with the first program that he listed for us wannabe “Renegades” on the forum. Also, he was helping a few basketball players as well. Go ahead and e-mail him. Give him all your details (age, height, weight, years training, strengths, weaknesses, diet, supplements, etc). And he will be sure to help you out!

And like Gladiator said, you may want to purchase his 8-week program. Coach Davies will personally help you with it. So check it out my man. I’ve been following his workouts for the past few weeks. I’m enjoying it so far. It is brutal, but effective.

My sides hurt! Thank you for a much needed laugh.

LOL! I just reviewed my post and i see all the errors in it. However one may wanna consider that i was watchin Full metal jacket and i was laughing my ass off. O well, wuts with this renegade program? wut is it?

Flash- Do you really not know how to spell the word “what”? (It’s not “wut”.) Or is this some sort of abbreviation? Honestly, I hate that shit. I mean, using “ur” instead of “your” or “you’re”- how lazy is that? Personally, I usually won’t answer questions written like this. If a person is that lazy then they’re probably too lazy to take my advice anyway. And if you spell and punctuate like this on the steroid forum, people won’t answer because you sound like you’re 10 years old.

And for God’s sake, it’s “lose fat”, not “loose fat”! “Loose” describes baggy jeans and your mama. That’s not aimed at you, Flash. I just had to get that one out of my system.

Ah, I feel much better. Thank you all for allowing me to vent. Ur patience keeps me from loosing my mind, know wut I mean? :wink:

Seriously, if you really want your questions answered, double check your post and make sure it’s understandable, not “Little Brown Handbook” perfect, but understandable.

I think it will be difficult to answer this unless you distinguish if you are preparing for basketball season or improving your musculature. I say this only because my approach to training a basketball player is different other than say an athlete needing musculature size. Now - it may also be a lot more complicated if say you are “4” “5” who needs extra size. Hmm, I made it more complicated, didnt I. Just try to elaborate on your goals and I will be pleased to help. In faith, Coach Davies

Anyone wanna place bets on whether or not this kid makes grades for his upcoming season? I have an unopened bottle of Tribex that says he won’t. Sorry Flash, but wit ur speeling i dont noe how u mad it this faar in skool. God, I really can be a Dick sometimes…

guys, he might not speak english very well.

Flash (or Scott, I get confused sometimes with all these handles) you might want to start taking Nitromine. I heard from another post that it will add lots of muscle, while at the same time burning fat and you don’t have to change anything else about your diet or training to get these results.

LMAO! Oh man, I haven’t laughed this hard after reading posts on the forum in a while. You guys are cracking my ass up! Hey JOEL, I don’t think Flash’s problem is speaking English. If so, you would think that he would have said, "Sorry, my English isn’t that great because I’m from ________ (fill in the blank of your favorite foreign country).

Besides, most foreigners that post on the forum speak and spell quite well. Usually better than most English-speaking Americans. So I really think it has to do with laziness or the fact that he thinks it’s cool to use slang. And like Chris Shugart said, you don’t take people who spell like this very seriously. Why give someone advice if they can’t even take the time to proof their post? You know? Hey Flash, just read Coach Davies’ article on Renegade training in last week’s issue of T-mag. Aight?

Damn brutal crowd. Hope that doesn’t deter you from your athletic pursuits.


Sorry, I’m just picky about grammar. Don’t let these ribbings deter you from training and research, Flash. If you met me in person, you’d probably realize that I only pick on guys in fun. Now I REALLY have to watch my ass when I post, because one misspelling and I’m dogmeat.

i guess your right. What you said totally makes sense. I have just seen people in the forum that can’t speak that good of english and figured that was the problem. Well, i guess he’s just a lazy bastard.

Aw, c’mon man. Don’t keep rubbing it in that Flash is a lazy bastard! We’re going to chase him from the forum! LOL! :wink: