Coach Davies

Coach, I’m prepping to head off to BUD/S (SEAL training) in about 16 weeks (that’s actually when I’ll hit boot camp). I’m going to follow the warning order workout ( which will be VERY easy for me starting out (except for the running).

Since the PT will be easy, I’m looking for a good lifting program to help build up my core strength. First thoughts were a 5x5 deads, squat, mil press, horizontal rows split. I’m also tempted to go with Olympic lifts instead. What would you suggest?

I am not coach Davis, but I have a military background (Army Ranger). Would would Stick with German Body Comp training, Melt Down training or some kind of internval training. I went to Ranger School with a 315 BP for reps and not once did I have to bench press. The training that did me the most good was running and march long distances with a weighted rucksack. Your feet need conditioning. Not one person in my class did not have screaing dogs.
Best of Luck with your training and BUDs

Thanks for the advice Older Lifter. I’ve got a ruck, etc. and going to start that up soon as well. So I’ve got the PT, run, swim, & ruck portions down. I just like to lift too, so I was looking for something “fun” to do as well, that would have positive benefits.

My goals, like I said, are to increase ‘core’ body strength, not put on a huge amount of mass (not fun to carry around during training), and toughen up the joints & bones. That last goal is kind of making me lean towards doing Pavel’s Russian Kettlebell Challenge workout with K-bells, but thought I’d ask the man himself (Coach Davies) for some advice from his end.

Thanks for asking me. In fact what I would recommend training protocols that focus more towards BUDS and your ensuing requirments. I would suggest a type of hybrid model that incorporate’s Olympic lifts as well kettlebell training. However as alluded to the “Older Lifter” your training must reflect the needs of a SEAL so I think we need to heighten other concerns to involve work threshold and sensory training. I will be pleased to discuss more. In faith, Coach Davies

everyone here is talking about lifting when you get to SEAL training don’t forget to swim for miles, run for miles run with a fifty lbs backpack on you… train for more muscluar endurance for 15-20 maybe even 25 reps and focus on more functional lifts such as o-lifts. pull-ups and situps…

Yes I’m well aware of the requirements at BUD/S and to be a SEAL (just trust me on that). I’m looking for a weight program to supplement that training for added results in the areas specified as well as for fun, I enjoy lifting.

Coach, if you don’t mind, is there a specific regimine you’d suggest? Thanks again to everyone.

The Warning order is a decent place to start, but actual PT sessions at BUD/s are a helluva lot harder. You are always going to be wet and sandy, so that complicates things like chin-ups (you will do HUNDRED/S a day on PT days). Endurance is your most valuable tool. It spills over into the runs, swims, and the O-course. Are you climbing rope everyday? If not, start right away. Improving your grip strength will probably be the most productive thing you could do right now, strength-training wise. Finally, BE EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE IN THE WATER! The knot-tying and underwater swims can be difficult, especially with the instructors right there in your face. Trust me when I tell you that your weight-training regime, whatever it is, will play an extremely small part in successfully completing BUD/S. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

Check out the short topic from awhile back that was called warrior training. This would fit very nicely into what SEALs would have to do. Good luck man.

While I personally would recommend that you NOT workout with weights, if you must then I would stick to deadlifts & an intense ab routine. As a supplement to the routines they recommend. You’ve implied that you do know all about BUD/S so why did you wait till now to get ready? If you’re having trouble with running what makes you think it will be up to BUD/S standards in 16 weeks? Even IF you did get the speed up your legs will not be fully conditioned for the abuse. The other argument is the fact that you WILL lose conditioning in boot camp. The workout your addressing is no where near enough to get you in shape for BUD/S. Don’t mean to be a naysayer but knowing all about BUD/S and being physically prepared is a different story. If SEAL’s is what you definitely want and regular Navy life is not going to cut it then take a year and prepare yourself. You want to compete at BUD/S not see if you can barely complete it…

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Ebbertt, muscles will not get you through BUDS training. Endurance and mind set will. I would run and run and then run in sand and carry some weight on your back when you run. Pullups are a good idea as well as some core lifts but concentrate on higher reps. Work on your flexibility. You should get some supps to help with bone density and cartilage too. Injuries are common at BUDS training. As silly as this may sound, you might want to try some Yoga as well. You need to be able to focus your mind away from pain and exhaustion. And while there, eat all your meals and eats lots. Don’t worry, you won’t get fat but you will need the energy. Good luck. I’m jealous!

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