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Coach Davies Youth Training

My question is regarding training for my 14 year old nephew. He is about 5’9", 145lbs and a very gifted athlete. During his last physical his doctor asked him how often he weight trained because of his musculature and he hadn’t ever touched a weight! He also recently ran the mile in 5 minutes, 40 seconds. But the amazing thing about his time was that he ran that in his Dad’s shoes that were 2 sizes too small for him because his Mom hadn’t bought him new shoes yet! Anyways, I got him started on a basic whole body, three days a week weight training workout. He is currently playing soccer and will through the summer but I will be spending some time with him preparing for his upcoming freshman football season. I was wondering if you had any suggestions that I could incorporate into our upcoming summer training. I would even be willing to purchase a specific youth program if needed. Thanks a million.

First of all - he certainly sounds like a good young athlete. At this stage he can really start to implement many of the training concepts needed. My high school programs start there athlets right at his age, so the timing is perfectly. I would be pleased to discuss his training and please contact me via my email (which is found at the conclusion of all my articles). In faith, Coach Davies