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Coach Davies? Walking with dumbbells

What do you think about walking with dumbbells instead of the wheelbarrow. I can not be taking a wheelbarrow to my gym when I do my legs. I mean I can, but I decide not to. So my question is this. If I grabbed a set of heavy dumbbells and walked around the gym for 5 minutes or however long I can handle it. Would think produce any benefit? Thanks for any help and replies.

Although not as effective as pushing a wheelbarrow, I have seen articles where the Renegade coaches have suggested this as a “poor man’s” substitute. The grip training and shoulder stabilization is definately still there, but you won’t hit the legs as hard.

That’s a Farmers Walk! They work like crazy of course you can do that as a finisher after your workouts. I think a couple walks of 100-200ft would be better than walking for 5 minutes though.

Coach Davies has recommended farmer’s walks many times in his writings and programs. And if you don’t have a wheelbarrow, they are a perfect substitue. So grab those dumbbells and start walking!

As noted - that is referred to a farmer’walk. Different that the wheelbarrow but definately a good one. Hey if you really want to drive 'em crazy at your gym - grab some dumbells and walk on a treadmill. Good luck! In faith, Coach Davies

Personally I think the dumbells are a hell of a lot harder than the wheelbarrow! Do be careful if you decide to give that treadmill idea a try as it’s easy to fall off and lose your balance or drop the dumbell on your foot or some other accident…part of my farmers walk workouts included walking for 5-10 minutes on an inclined treadmill with dumbells. Not only does it tear up the forearms but also the glutes and lower traps. Best of luck!

Thanks I will keep this in mind…when i get my own plyometric balls…maybe one day a week i will go to a field and do some of those between leg tosses and wheelbarrow and other exercises…definitely gonna try the dumbbell walk…thanks again to all…especially to coach davies for taking the time to respond.

Hey I can’t let you go on that last comment. NO THANK-YOU, it is an honor to help you and to also see Jason, Nate & Kelly offering their expertise. In faith, Coach Davies