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Coach Davies vs. Ian King

Ok, Im trying to decide on what workout to do. I just finished my season (soccer goalkeeper)and in the off-season my main goal is to add as much mass as possible. During the season I only worked out once a week, so I also need to just get back into the swing of things. The two workouts Im deciding between right now are Coach Davies “Renegade Bodybuilding” and Ian Kings workout from “Get Buffed”. Any input would be appreciated…

As a goal keeper, why would you need to put on mass? King’s approach would be best to correct any imbalances that you’ve incurrred over your recently completed competetive season and Coach Davies’ approach would be best closer to the beginning of your season, used as preparatory work.

How is mass going to help you as a soccer goalkeeper? Unless you are going to become as wide as the net, I don’t see how it will help. Maybe you need to look at your goals a little more closely.

The reason that mass would help me as a keeper is because Im 6’4" 200lbs. and get knocked off the ball easily. I need to have more mass to be able to come out stronger and to be able to hold on to more shots with the increased strength I get. So my Coach and I believe that the added mass will help me have both a greater presence in the box and also help me with the added strength I will get.

I’m not sure what you mean by getting knocked off the ball easy. Like the ball hits you and has more force then you can handle?

Anyways, I know Coach Davies has worked with a lot of soccer players, maybe you should drop him an email.

King’s program first, Davies preseason.

What I meant by “being knocked off the ball” was that when I come out to catch a ball and a field player knocks into me, a lot of the time Im getting pushed away. If I had greater body mass I dont think that would happen as often.

I think there’s somebody else on the forum doing Renegade Training for goalkeepers… do a subject search for it.

Coach Davies 1st!
It is more functional. You have only been doing 1 resistance sesion / week therefore the more frequent workouts will give your muscles a shock 2 grow… don’t forget to eat BIG :slight_smile:

I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to add some size to your frame provided you continue training as a keeper in order to maintain your agility and coordination as the weight goes on. Coming from a former player, I know that a tall goalie wasn’t nearly as problematic on corners and breakaways than a tall goalie who was also a little wide. If these guys need evidence that larger keepers can do well, they ought to take a look at Peter Schmichael or Zach Thornton.