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Coach Davies Vacation

I would like to apoligize on behalf of Coach davies and myself that we will be away from the forum this weekend. I write this because we don’t want people to think we are blowing them off. We are very interested in your progress and enjoy the correspondence. He left this morning for Chicago where we have a private seminar and I am on my way now. We will return Sunday morning. Good luck with your training.


You guys have a great time on vacation! We’ll miss you on the forum this weekend, but I’m sure we will survive. Actually, I’m going out of town this weekend too. But does this mean I don’t get Friday’s workout posted? I have completed today’s workout and am ready for Friday. Anyway, you guys have fun!

Nate dog spoke for all of us, have a great vacation, oh you too nate you too.

Vacation - well, I hope Kato thinks it was a vacation now - non-stop work and meetings. I appreciate the kind words men but lets get back to training. In faith, Coach Davies