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Coach Davies: Training Seminar/information

I was just wondering if Coach Davies does conduct any type for of training seminars. If so I’d be interested in the schedule for such events. Any info with regards to the question will be appreciated. Thanks.

T-bone, thanks for the inquiry. I am constantly giving private institutional seminars (I spent 30 months of the last 3 years on the road). Remember, I have “come in from the cold”, working for teams and have just let myself become more accessible. i have some seminars in LA / Chicago and Nashville scheduled. I ran into a bit of a issue with the LA camp because we had 300 athletes immediately confirm attendance the first day. But with regards to yourself, where exactly are you located? My aide, Kato will look into this as well.
In faith,
Coach Davies

hey coach, how bout a boston seminar?

Coach, where are you based out of?

Boston - dont get a lot of calls from that area anymore but I used to spend alot of off-seasons there training some of my athletes early to mid 90’s. Great fly-fishing too! In faith, Coach Davies

Krak - always like reading your posts, you sound like a heck of a combative athlete. Where I am based is amusing question. I tend to coach in a nomadic way but home is LA - I think I mentioned I have only been “home” for maybe 6 months of the last 3 years. Where are located? In faith, Coach Davies

Coach I live in Denver. Thanks for the compliment but sometimes I don’t like my attitude. What I mean by that… I go to the gym and do my thing, I don’t really care that people lift more than me, run faster and longer than me or are bigger than me. When it comes to getting in the ring I cannot accept a loss. I trained in TKD since I was 13, I’m 24 now. In my school we did not only do traditional TKD but we also incorporated Kali, Silat, Thai boxing, some shootfighting. It was a nice taste of a lot of different arts. I am very comfortable standing toe-to-toe or going to the ground, so I thought. In college I fought a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu stylist and got smoked. I have been studying that for awhile. I moved to Denver about 6 months ago and have really been looking for a good place to train. There is actually a good NHB circuit here. Check out http://fightscene.com It shows the upcoming events and such. While I’m trying to find a place that I know I really work well with I have been taking some beginner Aikido classes. While I’m not really into the soft styles, Aikido has caught my interest and it’s fun to learn about it’s history. It’s also great to get back into a regiment. I’m very interested in sending you some digital video to possibly analyze my technique. Do you agree with the antagonist muscle connection made in another post (referring to increasing punching power) Another little problem I have right now is my shoulder. I had a little to much pride in a jiu jitsu ring and I tore my labrum. Whereas I don’t have time for surgery now, I’m trying to really beef up my back and shoulders to protect it from injury. Any ideas? I must say Coach that you post with such great frequency and great advice, you are a vital part of this forum. I hope we don’t overuse you too much and you get burnt out.

Coach, I tried looking on your website for seminar info but found none. I am interested in the details on the Chicago presentation. Also is this a private seminar for athletes only, or can regular T-folk attend?

Dave - we tend to keep quiet on that stuff in the past or things like our LA session happen. Email me personally and we’ll discuss. Anyone crazy enough to listen & work with me is welcome. In faith, Coach Davies