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coach davies sprint workouts

hey guys i was wondering if anyone had access to john davies running workouts, and if they can post them or email them to me, because i would like to perform them,during my winter recess instead of running miles. i know that his running will help in conditioning for football. Thank you

I would like to see them,too.

I like Davies.

Wish I were rich and could spend all my time eating, sleeping, lifting, and sprinting.

Coach Davies has a wide array of differnet sprinting programs. These programs will be variable from person to person. Give coach an email i am sure he can help you out. You can also refer to Renegade Training For Football by Davies for some various workouts.

Thank you
Coach Hale

Hey guys,
We wouldn’t post a generic sprinters program because A) the program depends much on your sport/goals, and B) some of our clients would probably get a little ticked off if we did that :slight_smile:

Please e-mail me so we can talk more about it. corporal@renegadetraining.com

Do a search on the forum for Renegade Training 2.0, 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0. You will see original workouts posted by Coach Davies last year for those of us who were interested in Renegade Training. There is nearly 8 weeks of workouts posted for each day of the week. At one point, he began posting some sprint workouts in addition to the training. They were typically done twice a week and consisted of tempo runs and all out sprints. I think you would do five sets of 75 yard runs. And each set would look like this: SET 1: 75, 75, 75. SET 2: 75, 75x2, 75. SET 3: 75x2, 75, 75x2. SET 4: 75, 75x2, 75. SET 5: 75, 75, 75. So for each set, you run 75 yards, walk 20 yards, run another 75 yards, walk 20 yards, etc. On the sets that say 75x2, you run 75 yards, turn around and run 75 yards again before walking. I don’t remember if that is an exact workout, but it’s very close. One day would be like that, and the other day may have you running 100 yards or only 50 yards. And you would be running at 70-95 percent max depending on the day and distance being sprinted. Like I said, go look up the old workouts on the forum. They will help. Also, I think these runs are listed in the Renegade Training for Football book, but I can’t remember offhand.

A “generic” program as an example, I mean…lol.