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Coach davies So Cal Seminar

On Saturday March 16th in Southern Cal Coach Davies will be holding a conditioning seminar geared toward the martial artist and grappler. Participants will go through an actual workout with the Coach, have all their questions answered and leave with a blueprint for putting it all together. Attendence is limited to 12 people. For more info please contact Nathan at Coreconditioning@aol.com

would this be @ CA would be intreased if you have something plan for NYC… Sounds like a very intreasting seminar… If its not in NYC can you foward or purchase a video copy?

Fitone- Seminar will be in Orange County, Ca. I don’t believe Coach Davies has anything planned for NY, however he does have a book and video coming out soon.

looks Very intreasting but I wish it was in NYC
I would like to get a copy of the book or video by the wat what Cal Coach Davies credentials? Just curious…

Unfortunately I have no plans to do a seminar in NYC although I will be there for training sessions with one of my athletes in the spring and summer. In faith, Coach Davies

If you are in NYC do mind we meet up and have a drink… I would like to get some of your insite on sports specific training… I will email Nathan my information…