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Coach Davies-please reccomend.

Coach currently I am working out one day a week with a kid who has basketball tryouts coming up. During that time We only have access
to a field. Currently we have been doing sprints, resisted runs and car pushes. Could you give some advice on what else to do? Usually we have about an hour to do the workout in. Thank you for any help/advice.

Well first things first - lets get me accountable for his performance. With you only there one day per week he needs to do some work on his own. To make it simple to follow, lets start him on the rope routines found in the recent article. He should do that early morning. As far as your workouts - do you have a med ball? I look forward to assisting. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach: yes I have an 8kg ball. We have also been throwing in some 1 leg bounds in workouts. He is 15 6’1" and approx. 180lbs. Thanks