Coach Davies or other Renegades?

Are all the Renegade Weight Training Workouts done in circuits? I did my First one yesterday…felt like I was going to puke after the 3rd time through. It was great, I used to play college football, I haven’t felt that intense during a workout in over a year. The great thing about these workouts is they are a huge challenge you have to get juiced up for your workouts, or you won’t survive…just like training for football,each workout is time to prove yourself, to yourself, much like a game, you have to get nasty and get after it!
Next week all workouts will be in true renegade form I am hooked.

Glad you like the workouts! As for the circuits, it depends which program you’re doing … but in general they are not in circuits. Complete the required number of sets, then move on to the next movement.

Some exercises are done in cirucit fashion, whereas others will be done one exercise at a time with short rest breaks. I agree, Renegade Training is extremely challenging, but the rewards are well worth the effort. That’s why I’ll be doing Renegade Training again in the near future.

It depends on which program you are on and which section of the program you are doing. The kbell section is always circuit fashion. Some of the lifting sections of some programs are also circuit style. Although most of the programs are non-circuit except for the kbell section, abdominal circuit, and non-weighted gpp sections.