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Coach Davies, Nutritional Ideas

You touched upon some of your nutritional ideas in a previous article. Is there any chance that you would offer us more of an insight?

Hey I supplement my men but I need a typical training day. Keith, I get pretty freaky with this but if you’re ready for my approach I will tell you. In faith, Coach Davies

yes i was also seeking this info, you have all my stats and training info on the ape grip post

Hi Coach. I’m a former provincial level rugby player. I retired last year due to family commitments. I now wish to pursue strongman competition. My current weight is 272 at 6’4".
I’ve set up a training program based around your ideas with two days focusing on pulling and the posterior chain and two days of overhead work, lats and triceps. The second of each workouts includes work with awkward objects - rocks, logs etc. I’ve yet to incorporate unweighted GPP, do you feel that this would be beneficial?
My current nutritional intake is fairly isocaloric relying mainly on whole foods, with the addition of whey and quality fats. Any thoughts you have on alteratons to this schedule would be greatly appreciated.

Keith-Rugby; should have joined our other thread. I am a believer in non-weighted GPP. Tell me more about your training and maybe I can make some additions. As far a supplements go, I’m out there men. 40 gram BCAA daily, 25 Glutamine, buckets of Protein, Phosphatidyl’s, Glucosamine/MSM, ephedrine. I guess you might say, I am making a personal assault of destroying the worlds supply of supp’s and coffee. Give me some ideas on daily training and I will tell you I would supplement. In faith, Coach Davies

Okay coach, here goes. Typical day starts at 7am. Have breakfast, in work for 8.30am Home by 6pm. During this time I’ve consumed 4 meals including breakfast, each roughly containing 75g protein, 80-90g carbs, 35g quality fat.
I start training at 7pm. Tonights workout was fairly typical. Split snatches 4x3, Deadlifts 5x5, Glute/Ham Raises 3x max (Jeez they’re tough), Reverse Hypers 3x8, Thick bar grip work, finishing with farmers walk for 10minutes. I then immediately consume 150g carbs and 100g whey. Before bed I have another meal similar to the first four meals. Supplements are limited to vitamins, particularly ‘heart healthy’ ones.
Now some questions. You’ve already said that the non-weighted GPP is of benefit. What form should it take? Posterior chain type exercises on pulling day and dips and pushups on pressing day. Also, my rest intervals are about 3 minutes. As a ‘strongman’ would I get any benefit in training with minimal rest on my weighted exercises. Finally, any nutritional insights that you’d suggest would be greatly welcomed.
Thanks Coach, Keith.
PS. Have you any programs that I can buy which you deem suitable for my situation?

email me personally & we’ll take care of that program. Any RENEGADE (remember thats a compliment) tough enough to handle that workout, I want to be called his coach. I want to deal with your goals and objectives and make sure we take care of your needs. Weighted GPP can be handled with what items you have available. I like wheelbarrows (they’re cheap but big), sleds (like Louie Simmons) or kegs (always available, but you need to empty first). Tell me what works for you. Since you ride, I bet you’ve got something that will work. Your diet is strong. I do like products like Surge and Glutacene mixed throughout the workouts. Do you have need to joint aids and testosterone enhancement. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies