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Coach Davies New Book ?

Guys ive emailed dragon door twice about this book, anyone know when itll be out and the rough price? Thanks ed

I talked with someone at Intensity Magazine, it’s going to be out Thursday and he told me if you bought it through their website you would qualify for something free. It’s supposed to be around 35 bucks.

Book will be releashed tomorrow. I hope to hear from you. In faith, Coach Davies

Good to hear! I have called and emailed a few times. I really look forward to reading this. I am finishing up staley’s book I must say that it is excellent, and expect no less from Coach Davies book.
Congrats on releasing it Mr. Davies!

I got got a response from dragon door, 35 bucks. Not bad considering his eight week programs are 90. The digital version is out today, but the print book will be another three weeks.
Im going on vacation next week, so im gonna order the digi book and print it out to take with me, can’t wait to read it. Renegade training is the best thing Ive ever discovered!