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Coach Davies - Military running test

Just started reading the forum here, but I’ve been impressed with your willingness to help those who’ll help themselves, so…
I have a client, she has 4 weeks to prep for a 2-mile run (among a couple of other tests, but those I feel OK setting her up for). She’s willing to give it her all and be totally burnt at the end of this run, as her results will affect her subsequent military career in a big fat way.
Can you suggest a schedule, predicated on running 3-4 days a week? I’m also looking for a strategy, ie first 2 laps fast, last 2 laps fast, coast in the middle, something like that. I can’ t tell you what she’s running now, I’m awaiting her call re her last test run. We would both be grateful for any help you, or anyone else reading this, could offer.

Not Coach Davies, but gotta know more – time requirements? Current status (time)? Is she starting from scratch? Athletic background (if any)? Fill in the blanks.

Don’t count on the 2 miles being on a track.

Sorry I can’t fill in more blanks, fellas, I’m waiting on a phone call myself re her current best time. She’s 32, active, good physical shape/muscle tone, but unused to Davies-type GPP, bodyweight squats for one minute, that type of thing wore her out pretty quick. She’s told me though, that the tests are being held at a local high school, so we believe the running will take place on a track. She’s pretty fit now, small frame but athletic. So thanks for the feedback, I welcome any help coming my way.

As brinder noted, I need a little more information. But lets work on a few simple things that will help develop a pattern and provide some insight. Lets start with a “simple” farlek run, with 110 yds sprints @ 60%, followed by 110 yds slow jogs (no walking). Perform 16 - 20 repeats of this and get back to me when you can & I will be pleased to assist. In faith, Coach Davies

Which Service? Each branch of the military has their own test.
Best of Luck.

She’s in the Air Force. A big part of the prep for the situp test is just getting her low back ready for the hundreds of impacts as she slams it down on a hardwood floor, or on the ground outside…why in hell do they still have this useless, test-of-hip-flexor-endurance from the fifties? They really oughta go with hanging leg raises. Thanks again to everyone, I will definately be speaking to her tomorrow. While we’re on the subject, she’s doing planks and pushups with various hand positions to improve pushup endurance, but I’ll take help for this as well. Again, her current best is about 15, she wants 30, we have 3 weeks and change.

Okay, Doc time for you to do some home work. Go to yahoo and search Air Force, physical fitness test. That will give you plenty of information on the standards and a couple pf programs. The problem is that your client has waited way to long too start training. The Trainig effect usually doesn’t kick in for about six weeks.
Good news. I will give you the same schedule that worked so well for the young man who only had two week to get ready for the Army test.
First, Take the time she has to make on the two miles and break it into 16 intervals.
Week One - Day One have her run a half lap (1/4 mile track) at time then walk a half lap.
Week One - Day Two this week have her run a quarter mile (one lap) followed by a half lap walk.
Can you see the progression here? At this late date you are teaching her her pace. You need to do the same thing for her push-ups and sit-ups using a metronome.
Best of Luck.