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Coach Davies' method for Cuban Press

Reading over Coach Davies’ description of the seated DB Cuban Press, he seems to suggest raising the DBs at the elbow joint (the rotator cuff working) AS the shoulders raise (like in a Front DB Raise). By implication, it seems that lowering of the DBs also works the rotators and delts simultaneously. Others have described the Cuban Press as a 2-phase movement with lighter weight–first the upper arms perpindicular to body, then rotate the lower arms up. Do I understand Coach Davies correctly? And with both ways, “press” seems like a misnomer.

I’ve had the same problem. I’m not quite sure how this is performed from what I’ve seen described. It appears as if it could be as you described, but also seems as though you should upright row the bar, and then rotate it as if you’re doing external rotations. I’m corn-fused!