Coach Davies & Jay Schroeder Clinic Announced


Check out Renegade Training for more info.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!! Coach Davies & Jay Schroeder, together for one day only. This will not be a football-only seminar, but will be appicable to all sports.

Grant Hansen
Renegade Training International


Grant- I know you said to go to your renegade training website for more info but i didn’t see any. When and where is the full day clinic?

Full day clinic with Jay on Saturday, March 6 in Phoenix. Hope to see you there.

In faith,

Coach Davies

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, why do none of these seminars come to florida!!! or georgia, or sc even…i could probably drive that far at least without my truck crapping out…

Coach Davies,

I agree with the region issue. Could you film the session, so those of us who live where it is cold could learn from you two? I know we are silly for living in such areas, but until we become enlightened and move where it is actually nice, please don’t deny us knowledge. Although we may not be bright enough to move away from the cold, we still try…

hehe… a former florida guy…freezing his butt off in Indy… cold, not pretty, crappy stadium, crappy fans, wow, I might have to take some time to review my recent life choices… how depressing…

Offering the seminar on DVD or VHS would warm up the next few months…please think about it… thanks.

Lil’ Coach H

How much is it for the day?

Actually one of the reasons we decided upon PHX was the ease of getting there for the man out-of-town coaches and athletes as well as the consistency of great airfares.

We are definitely considering of making either all or some of the seminar available on DVD. But naturally given this is over 8+ hours of info/partication work - it won’t be covered in a single production release.

The cost of the seminar is $450 for the day.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Cost is $450 for the day … c’mon … everything can’t be in your back yard! However, we absolutely want to get down to FL at some point … but I’m definitely hopping on a plane for this!

  • just an update and reminder of the upcoming camp. Hope to see and meet some of you there.

In faith,

Coach Davies