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Coach Davies..In season rugby weight program?

Hi Coach. We are roughly 1 month into the rugby season (I play flanker/lock). Practice Tues, Thurs, games on Sat. I have cut back to 3 days a week training. Hit legs on Wed. I typically do 3-4 sets pcleans (sets of 10), full squat 3-4 set (sets of 10), and deads 3-4 sets (sets of 10. My other 2 days in the gym consists of higher rep training also.
My questions- my knees are hurting like hell from all the running/ lifting. Do you have your athletes squat, dead during the season and at what % of max?
2)at what intensities of max (%), do you have your athletes train on the other lifts (bench, etc).


a pleasure to hear from you. Please be aware that conditioning program that my athletes perform does not merely use weights within our strength development. In addition, I break all movments into segments so that there is some overloading in less technically complex actions. However for your purposes, my athletes do use Squat / Pulling motions in the season. Our intensity in those lift’s will vary in the week typically from 35-60% max. Based upon your comments, I think your lifting program isn’t satisfying the major goal for in-season training to prepare yourself for the next game. I will be pleased to discuss further. In faith, Coach Davies