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Coach davies in regards to....

I am a high school athlete. I recently read on a thread that u wrote on that schools that have used ur training programs have turned out impressive athletes. Being a typical BasketBall player.(tall and skinny)I was wonderin what u would recommend for me to put on some mass and have my presense felt on the court. Thanks

tell me more about your present training experience, age, height & weight. I’ve had some great success within the hoop game and would love to spark up a good thread here. It is also the most misunderstood sport that I know of as it pertains to strength and speed conditioning. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, I’d like to interject here as well.
I’m working with my son on his strength and agility. He participates in all sports with
basketball being in his top 2.
He’s 14, just over 6’, weighs 165 lbs with 5%
bodyfat. He’s been training in school in the
bigger, faster, stronger program, and this Summer he and I lift emphasizing the
following: Calves, trap bar deadlifts,
power cleans, pullups, bench and hamstrings.
Of course being a kid, he wants to do bicep curls to get the pump and see his veins!
Hey, if it helps keep him interested…
We have also just begun doing your GPP drills.
His exact words (This is a WARMUP??). :slight_smile:
I would appreciate any input I could use to
continue his growth and development.

dp - he will adjust to the warmup. I would like to go beyond what he is doing now and get him ready for the season. Do you have a medicine ball (5-8 lb range), what has his vertical been like and time line for training. Off-topic, I applaud you taking an active role in your sons training. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, no medicine ball…yet :slight_smile:

His verticle is 23".
He’s been training for about 10 months.
He’s looking foreward to me getting home tonite
so we can do GPP. You gotta’ love that enthusiasm!
Yes I do take pride in his training.
He’s genetically and athletically gifted so all
I have to do is point him foreward, show him how and then he takes it from there.

Another great thread! I’m also very interested Coach’s recommendations for youth training geared towards basketball. I think I’ll just read along and learn instead of participate too actively, but I can’t wait to see how this topic develops.

Here’s quick and easy way to improvise a medicine ball. Take an old basketball and deflate it all the way. Then completely submerge the ball and the pump underwater. Use the pump to fill the ball with water…and you’re good to go. Enjoy the medicine ball work. Midnight

dp-this is great. Hey as soon as you get a med ball, there are some special stuff to do. Now, if you get a chance to buy one tonight, go for a light rubber kind (ie 5-7 lbs). Presuming he didnt squat or pull last night, I would suggest something like this. rope warmup, rounds 1-3, 15 burpees, round 4-6 15 star jumps
gpp: jacks, shuffle, vertical jumps with ball overhead (as in “board drill”), side to side jump with ball overhead in a “saxon” type movement, med ball wood chopper with jump - 5 sets. Beyond that, I would like to focus in on functional movments and make sure he finish with a 15-30 minutes shoot-around. In faith, Coach Davies

coach davies,
what is a burpee?

Coach, I am now the proud owner of a bright yellow 6 lb med ball!
Just talked to my son and when he heard you put
together a workout for him, well let me just say that was one VERY excited 14 yr old!
Wanted me to come home early from work…
Thanks so much for the effort and time you give
to this forum. You certainly have made my day
a lot brighter.
Man, I want to go train now.

Midnight- I liked your suggestion about making a med ball. Once I locate my pump (buried somewhere in the barn), I will sacrifice an old BB and try it.


My heigh is 6"4, weight shifts from 155 to 165. It’s weird. I been doin following a bodybuildin type routine. I have nt been that faithful in my leg training. I dont do any functional training. I’m heavily relying on ur advice to put me back on track . I really appreciate it.

im sure all u need to do is eat

Alex-your legs are your ticket, lets get you going. Tell me about your game, strength & weaknesses.
In faith, Coach Davies

Midnight how long did it take you to fill a basketball with water? I tried it this evening using a pump underwater as you suggested, but at the rate it was filling it would have taken several hours of pumping to fill.

Well i have real good form on my shot. I m pretty good with shootin, reboundin(could be improved with more leg work) and defense. I kinda suck with ball handling and takin my opponent one on one.

Yeah! Finally a basketball thread!
Coach, I’m also a basketball player, and I’ll tell you a little about myself before I ask for tips. I’m 16, weigh 178, 6’2. I usually play the small forward and up. Even though I’m not tall enough for the 4 or 5, I’m stronger than the average kid my age, so I can get the job done down low through a lot of scrapping and hard work. The two things about my game that I would most like to improve are my vertical and quickness. About 2 and a half months ago I started working on my legs in the gym, and since then I’ve added 12 centimeters to my 2-leg vertical jump, and about 6 to my one leg jump. I’ve been working on my upper body for about a year and a half. If you have any good drills for quickness and jumping ability, I’d really appreciate them.

Coach, my son and I went through the workout you suggested last night. We were only able to
complete 4 jump rope sets and then 3 sets of the gpp part. whew…
After shooting around for a while we went back
and did 2 sets of the abdominal crunch set that
Kato posted on a different thread.
We were toasted! We have something to work
toward to complete all the volume you suggested.
My son says to tell you thanks for the workout.
In his words “That was awsome”.
Yeah, he didn’t look so awsome when he was bent over sucking wind during gpp!!!

O yea, My vertical could also be improved. Thanks,

Alex/Buster - try the workout I posted for DP and tell me your reaction. Alex, I also need to know how easy is it for you to dunk from a low post. DP - get back to me regarding soreness and general feedback. - I will post another session. In faith, Coach Davies

Hello Buster! I’d say maybe five minutes…certainly not a whole lot longer than it take to fill it air. Perhaps try a different pump.