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Coach Davies Football Book

Guys, i know a few of you bought his new book, couple of questions. 1 I wanted to print it out at Kinco’s and have it all bound, according to the dragondoor site it sounds as if the file can only be accessed from one computer. Is that right? 2 does the book cover his cone drills? 3 does it cover the 55 runs that were written about in the NU article on his training?? the 55 thing is is runs with bouts of accel/deceleration 4 The cost is pretty cheap, how does it compare to his 8 wk programs and finally how many pages is it in Adobe. Thanks to all, HAMMER


I got an email saying there will be a printed version on June 25th, for the same price as the digital I think! You could save some headaches and wait a few weeks, that is what I am going to do! In faith, Matt

what NU article? in other words what does NU stand for. I (along with a few others) are waiting for the printed version to come out.

NU=Northwestern University. There’s an article somewhere around about Coach Davies and what he did with the Northwestern football program.
I don’t know what kind of photographs the book has but the 55X4 series is quite explanatory. Accelerate the 1st 25 yards go for another 30 then turn around and repeat 3 more times.

Got it great book, wish it tied the program together a little more at the end though, it kinda gives you all teh info but with out a template for setup.

The book covers all cone drills, with very specific diagrams. Within the agility section you will the ladder drills are highly organized in photos and a step-by-step guide. There’s a ton of photos in it. For the technical questions, you might want to ask the publisher. I also understand the printed version will be available on the 23rd of this month. Now, I appreciate you asking questions and obviously using it - but I really want you (and heck everyone else) who buys the book to feel free to contact me if they have questions - Sounds good? In faith, Coach Davies