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coach davies book

Has anyone read ‘Renegade Football training’ by coach davies?

After reading that “Sunday Bloody Sunday” interview with him i looked this guy up and saw he had a book. So i bought it.

Sucked when i came home from school today to see that it hadn’t yet come. I put it on ‘rush delivery’ in hopes that it would get here by the weekend so i could read it all weekend then use the stuff in it the next week in my workout.

It’s too bad i dont have like a billion dollars to buy him off with, he sounds like my kind of coach. The current coach at my school is kind of… soft on us. We’ve NEVER been to state since he has been there and only won like 3 divisional titles or something like that. And that’s over like 20 years or so.

It’s not that i dont like the guy. He’s nice and all… but i want to WIN.

I think what he is trying to do is teach us to be responsible and such. But that’s my dad’s job. I want him to make me the best player i can be. Coming up with little things to shout at the end of practice that that are supposed to ‘mean’ something to us isnt going to cut it for me, you know? I mean we arent even taught anything in the ways of strength training except for ‘YOU MUST TRAIN THE LEGS. IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO BENCH PRESS.’


Sure, i could move to the other school in town which is 4A and usually stands a chance at going to state every year, but that would be like losing.

So anyway, i’ve taken upon myself to kick my own ass this and every off season after this to become bigger stronger and faster. And boy am i glad i found this site.

Oh yeah, heh. About that book. If you have read it, does it have a lot of stuff in it about improving stuff like flexability and acceleration and things like that? I’ve found a lot of stuff on this site about how to get stronger but I’ve had trouble with finding things of that sort ANYWHERE.

Sorry if this post sort of turned in to a rant. It just sort of happened :open_mouth:

davies book is great. I recently bought this for my brother who is about to graduate high school and move on to college ball. We did alot of these drills together and It helped him make all conference and all state as a wide reciever. It also helped me in my overall athletic ability, flexibility, speed and best of all eduurance. I strongly recomend this book. The ab routine he shows for a finisher is punishing. good buy mikek