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Coach Davies: basketball training

I want to be in unreal condition for b-ball season this year. I only play on intramural and recreational league teams, but I want to crush people nonetheless. I am 6’1", 225 with about 8%bf and a 34" vertical. My conditioning is decent, I can run a couple of games without being too out of breath. I would like to continue with bodybuilding oriented weight training workouts and incorporate some agility and conditioning training, if it is possible to obtain results in this manner. Would performing renegade rope workouts on non-weight training days prove beneficial? Thanks in advance for your input; your expertise and willingness to assist are indeed appreciated.

you can certainly do that. Of course, if you want to enhance your b-ball skills you will need to revise your strength focus. Naturally if I can answer any questions, feel free. In faith, Coach Davies