coach davies basketball program

i was wondering if i could get some feed back from some people who have used coach davies basketball specific training program. i searched his sight and i couldn’t really find anything that gives a description of the program. maybe coach could fill me in a little. thanks

A pleasure to hear from you. Well the basketball program is designed with a wide selection of work that attacks range of motion (dynamic & static), agility, linear speed, reactive ability, proprioreception and strength (all types) while retaining a relationship to sport-specific training. I hope that helps you. In faith, Coach Davies

is this program designed to replace other resistence training programs or would i add my resistence training to this type of training?

I’ve never purchased his programs, I have his book though. I’m very confident that If I did purchase his program it would have a weight training portion in it, okay I’m positive it would. I think he said all types of strength, right? If you go through his workouts and feel like you can do more than feel free,

Hint: you won’t his workouts are the ultimate in brutality thats why we love him so much. you’ll never work harder in your life.

SelfMade: When the Legion reveals itself to you in layers, you will see you won’t need any other training cause you’ll never stop training and YOU WON"T BE ALONE. You will never be alone.

“Selfmade” all programs spell-out precise blueprints of every facet of training on a daily basis. And within your day to day training, I along with all members of my family of athletes, are there to help out. Thanks for the sentiments “Alex” and “Dark Renegade”. In faith, Coach Davies

His workouts are complete and have, carry all aspects of training, specially the ONES you will need. No, like everyone said you will not have any room or energy for that matter to perform your original resistance training. The renegade workout is, simply put, a completely better version of any workout you can attain or have. So just perform the renegade training and it will be more than enough.

I am sure some of you can relate to this. You know when you have older or younger brother that pick on you or vice versa? Well your brother always makes sure he is the only one allowed to pick on you. Anyone else touches you and they suffer the consequences. This is much like the Legion, only your older brother can mess with you. -See you on the battle field, D>R>

thanks guys

Where can i pick up a copy of this program? I think it will be a great gift for a friend who is looking to get to the top of his game.


just send me an email or visit my website. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies