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Coach Davies and Mike Mahler Workshops coming up in 2003 in NYC and CA

Okay t-maggers, I just went through a lot of trouble to get Coach Davies to take some time out of his busy schedule to do some workshops with me in NYC and CA early next year. I expect major attendance from the t-nation!

Here is some info:

Coach Davies and Mike Mahler "Renegade Training" Workshops

Coach Davies and Mike Mahler will be teaming up again to do two more Renegade Training workshops in early 2003. At the workshops, Coach Davies and Mike will be covering Olympic Lifting, agility drills, kettlebell training, stretching, core training, mental toughness, and much much more. Here are the dates and locations:

April 6th from 10am to 3pm in Huntington Beach, CA.

May 4th from 10am to 3pm in NYC

If you pre-register for the Huntington Beach workshop before March 15th, you will get in for only $95.00. After the 15th, the price will be $125.00. Space is limited so reserve a space now. For the NYC, workshop pre-register before April 15th and get in for only $95.00. After April 15th the price will be $125.00. For more information, email Mike at mahler25@yahoo.com

Let me know when you two head to Florida. I’ll be interested in attending one then!

I’m up for the NYC one.

When oh when are these going to be scheduled for the Northwest?! Specifically, Portland? Would be sooooooooo kewl.

Don't mean to bribe or anything, but if you guys come up here, you could possibly get a home cooked meal or two.......Renegade Chef could join and we'd have a grand cook off! Oh, the tasty treats.....

Patricia, if you think that there are at least 20 people that would be interested in a workshop by us, then I will talk to Coach Davies about doing one.

I would be interested in this workshop. maybe we can do something halfway between SF and portland. I think we might be able to get some other bay area T-Maggers in thye act as well!

Ps.. I did mike's Kettlebell workshop in San Jose last weekend and I am excited to do this one as well!

Kewl. I could do a broadcast email and find out who I know would be interested. Maybe with Ike’s help, since he’s in Corvallis, we could arrange something south of Portland.
Don’t know how convenient Corvallis would be for the N. Calif guys, though.

But where Ike trains, would be perfect!

I will talk to Coach Davies about a Northwest Workshop and see what he thinks.

Mike, would it be possible to get Christian T to make a presentation on May 4th? Isn’t he relatively near NY?