Coach D v. CT

Who wins in an arm wrestling match?

Chad Waterbury :slight_smile:

Are you even asking this question?

CT all the way.

We are talking about Christian, right?

How about Ian King vs. Pavel Tsatolutatiaininovitch?

Or Andre the Giant vs. Louis Simmons (presupposing Andre wasn’t dead).

Or Toni from Paradise Hotel vs. Monica Brant?

I’d say CT but don’t forget that coach D hangs out with pavel and he’s really keen on arm wrestling so he might have picked up some tips on technique from him!!

Sorry Coacb D. I would go w/ CT on this one.

Here’s why. CT is shorter then coach D. I think his arm length is shorter also then coach D. I believe he carries more weight(muscle) then coach D. Although Arm wrestling has a lot to do w/ technique and leverage. Not nessecarry have to do w/ strength.

Well, to make it more interesting, why not throw Dave Tate and Ian King into the equation?

I can see this thread becoming a classic…


Yeah, maybe, but Coach D will follow up with a frontside 180 no-comply.

Hmmm. Both are Professional coaches and both can prepare tremendoulsy well for an arm wrestling match and come out victorious.

That said, Coach Davies has the ‘never say die’ attitude and a focus on Performance and functional training rather than looking good.

Davies without a doubt.

Armwrestling is a pretty specialized activity and the people who are best at it, train specifically for it. I doubt either of them does, so my guess is that they’d both beg off due to valid concerns about injurying their shoulders, elbows or wrists. But if it did happen, I’d bet on CT. He is a beast, you know.

Coach Davies.

Brute size and strength might be impressive and intimidating for some, but if you follow arm wrestling, you know that John Brenkz (sp), weighs less than 200lbs, looks like a tennis player, and routinely wins all his matches from 198 - superheavies. He has taken down very massive guys who have dominated their classes.

Coach Davies would be very similar to John, and would probably strike with such speed and ferocity that CT wouldn’t know what hit him.

I’m with Nate on this.

I think it would be close but in the end Coach D would have the upper hand.

IF one of those guys is naturally gifted in arm wrestling then he will win. It’s like saying who will win in a sprint or a basket ball dunking contest. The naturally gifted one will win. You can’t train to be great at some things without having the natural abilities first.

Ditka by 1000. Oh, wait, that wasnt the question…

Hey all,
It would depend on a few things.

  1. would CT be willing to do the match with his left hand as you’d have a better chance successfully dropping in on an 8’ half pipe as getting the mug of coffee out of coaches right hand?
    2)Do you have the boat and rigging to get coach out of the surf?

How about this:

Take two twins. The proverbial ‘genetically similar’ types we’re always hypothesizing with. One is trained by Charles Poliquin and the other by Ian King.

Who wins?


If Coach D. trained CT for the event and CT trained Coach D, who would go crazy and try to de-nut the other first?

BTW, I’ll take da Bears by two-hundred-and-three.

Dude, do you even read CT’s articles?

Thibaudeau all the way in an easy win. (Waaayyy to much shoulder strength from all the Olympic Lifting)

In a Triumph the dog voice

No… no, I’m sorry you’re all wrong. The correct answer is, “Who gives a fuck!”

All I know is they’d both beat me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

So if we do convince them to take the challenge, can we stage it in a big vat of butterscotch pudding? And have them wearing unitards/leotards/ onsies/ whateverthehellyoucallthosethings?