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Coach CT's Strongman Program Results

Hey Coach,
I wanted to give a big thanks to you for the strongman program you outlined for me. I ended up coming in 4th by a few points and hit PRs for every event I was able to practice before hand.
For the log press, I started being able to only do grinding singles at 185 and in competition hit 5 clean and presses within 1 minute with 205.
I didn’t get a chance to try an actual car deadlift before the event, but by using the car deadlift simulator you recommended I was able to get 20 reps in the event which was 4th place.
The sand bag carry went great for me and I ended up coming in 1st place. Learning to breath through zerchers was definitely a huge part of this.

 I also didn't get a chance to try the rolling thunder but plenty of practice on the thick bar deadlift helped a lot. If it's new then it's a PR, right?
 The keg over bar I also didn't get to practice with a whole lot but the stiff-leg deadlifts using the football bar made it seem like I'd done the event every week.
 I'm going to use the same principles for a competition in a few weeks. Thanks again for all the information and help!

Well done mate!

It’s awesome to see CT’s plans put into action and achieving results.

yeah, good résults , congrats bro ;-))