CO10Q Interactions


I’m thinking about taking 100mg of CO10Q daily.

While researching the topic I ran into several sites stating that it can interfere with Thyroid medications. They seem to list only the synthetic Thyroid medications. Does anyone know how extensive this interaction is and if it also applies to natural Thyroid meds as well?

It’s highly recommended for hyperthyroidism but there is lots of conflicting information for Hypo.

“Use cautiously in people who have thyroid problems or those taking thyroid agents. CoQ10 may affect thyroid hormone levels and interact with thyroid agents (such as Synthroid®).” - Mayo Clinic

This article even shows a possible interaction with “anabolic androgenic steroids”

“CoQ10 may also interact with acetylsalicylic acid, agents that may affect the immune system, anabolic androgenic steroids, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, anticancer agents” - Mayo Clinic

Since I’m on trt and armour I’m having second thoughts about taking even a minimal daily dose.

I know it’s highly recommended for folks on Statins, which I’m not.

I can always try it and see how it goes I guess. Your thoughts?

Maybe interact when you swallow both together. If it can happen, does not matter if synthetic or not. As dedicated thyroid meds can be hard to quantify, they would not use them in an interaction study.

Take at a different time of day, you don’t take thyroid meds later in the day?

I take 90mg each day. Half at 6am and half at 3pm. At 8am I take d3, B12 (methylcobalamin), B Complex with folate.