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Anyone here use co q10?
If so, what MG doses are recomended?


I use 300mg daily (which is overkill for most people) Best bet would be to start out at 60mg doseage and take that once a day. Maybe later on, dependin on your needs, you could move up in doseage. PM me if ya got any other questions about it.


I take 90mg per day. I'm curious why you are taking 300mg per day. According to most studies that is a fairly high does.


I think the need is somewhat debatable, but here's a hint: you buy it MUCH cheaper at Walmart...


From some studies run on me, it has been indicated that I have thick blood (which was correlated to a large amount of undigested proteins in my system, which I am working to correct) as far as the high dose, I was advised to take a higher dose to bolster my heart(Co-Q10 strengthens smooth muscle tissue) so that while I work to correct my problem with the undigested proteins, It will be okay pumping the blood everywhere. Oh and btw yes you can get it cheaply at Wal-Mart, you can also guarantee it to be almost completely synthetic.


Thanks for the explanation-And you are spot on with the description of Wal-Mart CoQ10


So what exactly does this supplement do? What is it reported to do that is basically B.S.? Side effects?

I have always wondered about this and its effects on the heart.

Also, if you have any references that you know of offhand reporting its efficacy, that would be very cool of you to post.




This is a easy to read review.


The general recommended dose for CoQ10 supplementation is 30 to 60 mg daily. Higher doses have been used in studies and may be recommended for the following conditions:

Congestive heart failure: 50 to 150 mg a day
High blood pressure: 50 to 150 mg a day
To enhance athletic performance: 60 mg a day for 4 to 8 weeks
Heart attack: 120 mg a day for 28 days after the heart attack
Breast cancer: 400 mg per day for potential prevention and treatment
Coenzyme Q10 is fat-soluble so should be taken with a meal containing fat for optimal absorption

Seems somewhat interesting as a supplement. Nothing earthshattering in any category, buts seems to affect possitively many systems and might be something to look into.



Well, as far as references go, I cant site any medical studies because well, I dont have access to that kinda stuff off hand. Google is your friend. Outside of that, I CAN refer you to some of the companies I deal with that(who only produce general health supplements, no sports stuff, so no competition for Biotest!) produce quality Co-Q10 supplements. Oh and I need to throw this cliche' in there while I can because it stands true with all supplements: You get what you pay for. If anyone wants this info, just PM me.


Just out of curiosity, who told you that your thick blood was a result of undigested protein in your system?

Also, CoQ10 plays a role in energy production as it is an important cofactor in the respiratory chain. It is important for myocardial contractility. It should be noted that statin drugs, used to treat high cholesterol, block the production of CoQ10 in the body. Some of the side effects of the problems created by these medications is due to this. Anyone taking statins should be taking CoQ10 as well.

Oh, is that you in your avatar? If so, I think I might have an idea what is causing your thick blood :slight_smile:

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Hehe, I'm still work in progress toward my avatar! That is actually a Lee Priest clip I found, cuz I still cant believe how he was goin from such a fatty to ripped up like that...anyways lol. Initially I was told by my MD that I had thick blood, years ago, she just never really said why and told me to take asprin(how about no?) Then, fast forward a couple years, and I got some urine and saliva samples checked by a natural doctor that comes and does testing at my store, and he said the same thing and I inquired as to why and he stated that from what he could see, it appeared that I had quite a bit of undigested protein floating around my system, he advised the Co-Q10 and some extra Vitamin E(800 IU's). Hope that answers your question!



I work for a major vitamin company here in the United States and our two major products are Flax Oil and CoQ10. Technically I don't see why I couldn't post the name here as we don't have ANY of the supplements that T-Nation does nor do they have any of ours. We're not a company geared towards athletes or the like, more towards people who generally just want to improve their health. If you saw the Oct 17th issue of Time Magazine, it has a picture of Dr. Andrew Weil on the cover and an article on his "breakthrough" (to the normal person anyways) supplements. We are also the only company to distribute his products. Anyways like I said I would post more information but not sure if anyone's toes would be stepped on(pretty sure it wouldn't), if anyone wants more info, send me a PM.


For people who are interested, ''thick blood''is a term use by doctors to explain to their patients that they have a coagulation problem, that the blood tends to clot faster than it is supposed, that is why they recommand aspirin or various other types of agents (warfarin, heparin, clopidrigel and so on).

Having shorter clotting time just implies that there is an increased chance of developping thrombosis (heart attacks and strokes) than someone who has a normal clotting time.

If you have a prolonged clotting (or bleeding, interchangeable terms) time, that means that you are more prone to hemorhaging than a normal person.

The blood is not thick per se and its not based on its protein content (although that does exist and it can be high or low often in malnutrition, cachexia, kidney problems, cancer and so on and so forth).

Hemophiliacs have the opposite problem, their blood is too ''thin'', meaning that it doesn't clot well.

For people who for some reason really don't want to take something else ''more natural'' omega-3 fish oils would have been a way better choice then CoQ10, since it has been shown to increase bleeding time



I read the article:

also saying one should take Coenzyme Q10.
Where do I buy it?
Not with Biotest? (Why not?)
Is quality the same wherever you buy it?