do you know any way to create a training stimulus but reducing the strain off the CNS?? things like using straps during snatches,powercleans,using box squats instead of regular squats…etc?? like that

Eccentric-less training is one I’m sure will come to his mind. I’ve also seen him say the use of straps will reduce CNS fatigue. Also neural charge workouts on “off” days or in the morning before a workout.

Agree with above, plus hes mentioned not relying on outside stimulants to train i.e coffee, music etc

Seriously dude, just about every part of the training methods he advocates involve creating a training stimulus while reducing CNS fatigue. Do some reading.

What really helped me “recharge” the CNS was Medicine Ball Training on your recovery days at least 1 time a week. I would do a plethora of exercises with a light MB as well as multiple core rotations within a 30minute time frame and the results the following days was amazing.

I hate frying the nervous system. Obvious sign of over-training and it sometimes takes a while to bounce back to that ‘normal’ level again where you can push yourself again. Cycling workouts with new exercises allows the CNS for specific movements to recharge as well…there are many factors but everyone’s body is different, the trick is to find the exercises/rest/diet/recovery work that recharges the CNS.

I’ve been reading some articles on the conjugate method and it says that lifting 90%+ for more than 3 weeks in a row will negatively effect the CNS. Is this the case only when i do the same exercise for 3 weeks, so if i change the exercise every week as the conjugate method suggests, the will i be able to lift 90%+ every single week?

Y’all need to read this: Løftearmen

my CNS brings the boys to the yard

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