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CNS stimulants vs. Androgens

Ok, I’m a little confused here:

What are the main differences between amphetamines and/or amphetamine-like substances and androgens. It would seem I get the same effects from the two: more ripped look, appetite suppression, drop in cholesterol levels, improved sex drive, and a bit more body hair growth, with a bit more aggression or dominance if you will. Is it safe to assume that the two act in the manner of a corticosteroid in the sense that they help with the re-uptake of dopamine by breaking down muscle, thereby suppressing the appetite marginally and increasing protein synthesis to a degree that corresponds with proper dieting and exercise in conjunction with the combination of either drug? Thanks a mil. Oh by the way, is it true about the FDA banning ephedra? I heard it was just under reveiw but wasn’t going to be banned (just yet). Can anyone clarify this? Thank you all.

bump please. Thanks.

Let me answer your question as a med student and neuroscientist. First of all amphetamines are drugs that act on neurotransmitters whereas androgens are hormones that can potentially shift neurotransmitter release but that is not their primary function. Having an improved sex drive from amphetamines is quite bizarre btw, you might have a higher sex drive, but you probably have decreased ability to function sexually. Amphetamines are basically speed. You’re not only blocking reuptake of dopamine but you’re also increasing the amount of dopamine released into the synaptic cleft, causing increased levels of arousal. This is going to kick up your metabolism amongst other things and I wouldn’t be surprised if this increase in arousal causes the release of androgens. But… you’re right about one thing, you are a bit confused. Dopamine reuptake blocking is in your brain, breaking down muscle has zero to do with it. Amphetamines are psychostimulants, androgens are not. A normal person can undergo psychosis from amphetamines. If you’re ADD it’s one thing, but if you’re normal… I’d stay away from that shit. Corcticosteroid are just another ball park entirely. It depends what particular corticosteroid you’re talking about… but they are used to decrease inflammation. Nowadays people want to decrease their levels of cortisol unless they really need to reduce swelling in area, etc… I hope that helps some, but before you start screwing around with this stuff, I suggest you really start finding out what you’re getting into. If I were you, I’d stay the fuck away from the amphetamines unless you really want the eating-disorder sorority girl look.

The nervous system has receptors for androgens so in your case you probably just have more than average which is why you notice the stimulating effects of androgens to such an extent. I have a hard time believing that you get extra body hair growth from stimulants…are you sure this is the case?

Increased sex drive from amphetamines? Speed may increase your drive but it has always left me with a limp putter, which is why I swore off. Increased hair growth? You may be experiencing this from something else besides the amphetamines, such as an increase in T due to training. I’d stay away from the speed–any long term benefit is usually mixed with some dark aspects…I had an aunt who was addicted to diet pills (ie. speed)and she’d twitch all the time–it wasn’t until I was older that I realized that it was her addiction that made her twitch. Food for thought.