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CNS Recovery

I was just wondering what people do/have done about recovery of the CNS – which supplements, behaviors, etc. How good is simply supplementing with some L-tyrosine, or do you need to take some whole coctail of supplements?

Lately I have been feeling wound up post workout (uh oh, impending overtraining perhaps?) … so far with meditation I have been able to take care of it. But I would like to be able to train as intensely as I have been for a bit longer, and was just wanted to know if anything could help me. Thanks

Good question!

Nothing has ever helped me more than a good nights sleep. When I’m feeling a bit more stressed I sleep over eight hours and feel great the next day. Of course, you can’t sell that, so you won’t hear much about it from the supplement whores.

(That was a bit harsh for me huh? I guess I’m fed up with all of the hype surrounding supplements that don’t work, from companies with no moral fiber. That is one more reason I like this site so much. I have not yet tried a Biotest supplement that didn’t do what it said it would!)

I have to agree with zeb on the sleep issue as well as adding keeping stress levels low and having proper nutrition. laters pk

yea, i wish i there were something that could just recover the CNS quickly, the way surge recovers the body quickly. But sleep sounds good, im a big fan of it.

I thought Power Drive helped with the recovery of the CNS (when taking it AFTER your workout).