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CNS Recovery Supplements


Any recommendations for cns recovery as opposed to muscle recovery? Ideally something that lets u train longer in the 90%+ zone or sustain high volume longer? All I take now are powdered vitamin supplements w/ high b vitamin content


Superfood and brain candy.

Power drive was quite good, but I believe they are revamping it.

Healthy diet, of course.


zinc immediately post workout

stretching neck gently

running back of your hands under cold/ freezing water

watching comedy /laughing


Whats your take on zinc? Looking to change my supps now im 40


get some sleep

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For me it’s ZMA. Best bang for your bucks.


L-dopa. Look it up. It’s good shit.


Get some quality magnesium, a decent well-absorbed form like glycinate. 200-400mg an hour before bed. Pretty common deficiency in people that train. You’ll sleep like a baby and that always helps with recovery.