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CNS Question

Guys, I’m confused.

Conjugate dudes says you must do 1RM’s every single week if you want to get truly strong.

Linear dudes say doing 1RM’s for just three weeks in a row will burn the system out and you will lose strength.

What’s the deal?

Louie says switching ME exercises every week or every few weeks will “keep the body fresh” what does that mean, and how will it prevent the CNS from overtraining?

Bump. I have my own theories about this topic but I am not with out my doubts. Here’s to a good topic.

From the conjugate perspective, besides rotating the max effort movement, the other thing that prevents burnout is the fact that we do dynamic effort work in the same week. Its not consecutive max effort work for the same body part. I don’t know all the science behind it but I do know its worked really well for me.

[quote]NeverWalkAlone wrote:
Conjugate dudes says you must do 1RM’s every single week if you want to get truly strong.


This isn’t true. Many times “conjugate dudes” only work up to a heavy 5RM or 3RM.

Just the facts,

One rep max is easier on the CNS than high rep sets.

Conjugation allows you to train closer to your max for longer, but it doesn’t mean you can always max out every week. In the begining this may work but then things tend to become very individual; some can max every week, others not so much. Some WS guys will do a rep week every 4th week to deload, others will work to heavy 3or 5 instead of a one. Conjugation, unlike linear, also allows you to continually train different strengths without one becoming detrained; every week you do a little max strength, a little speed-strength, some repition (bb method) maybe strength-speed…but you can still get alot of strength from a linear program, you just might hit a wall quicker…

When I follow Westside, I simply can’t single rep max on the bench exercise every week. I burn out, my weights drop, my shoulders get irritated.

But its a totally different story with 3RM - I make booming progress - so I do that 3 weeks out of 4. I’ll start doing a few singles with a shirt about 4 weeks pre competition, but that’s more for technique.

For the squat, I do singles and get good results without any burnout. I find GMs work better with 3s or 5s.

Just shows you can’t make any generalisations about WS. Every individual is different.