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CNS Overtraining - Supplements?

I have been training 5-6 days per week for flag football, and just a couple days ago after my sprinting workout I felt lightheaded and like my CNS was fried. I’ve felt this before in the past and it felt like the onset of overtraining, and the past cpl days I have been very slow to “fully awake” in the morning and my RHR is over 90 bpm. Ive tried to take it easy, but the season starts in 2 days, so what could i do to get thru it. Would anything like Power Drive, Spike etc… help?
Im 19, do light full-body 3x week and sprint about 2x week with very good diet and 7-8 hrs sleep. Thanks, JZ

Power Drive would definitely help. It’s one of my staples, since it lets me handle MUCH more volume and a bit more weight without getting fatigued or overtraining. I can’t comment on Spike though, because I don’t know enough about it, nor have I used it.

Power Drive, rest and nutrition.

I’ve been doing OLAD (5 days per week) since starting school. I take Spike in the morning and Power Drive in the afternoon. Even though I’ve been hammered with lots of studying and multiple bouts of heavy weights, this combination has managed to keep my CNS from burning out for more than 4 months now. Oh yeah, I make sure to get AT LEAST 7 hours, and usually 8 hours, of sleep a night.

Nothing works like getting some quality rest away from the GYm. Also, 8-10 hours of sleep and plenty of good food.