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CNS or Cortisol Issues?

Not sure where to put this but we will see if anyone here has a thought on this.

I have recently started back to lifting after a few months off due to tapering off of long term low dose benzo use for anxiety. Although I have gotten weaker in my time off the bigger issue appears to be that either my central nervous system is still very sensitive or I am pumping out excitatory chemicals. I can do simple exercises but when I start to exert I get jittery, anxious, heart Palos and it feels like things are short circuiting.

Anyone been through this? Does it sound more like a cns issue or cortisol, norepinephrine or something else? Not sure if I should supplement with something or just be patient and start slow with simple lifts.

Thanks for any pointers. I’ve lost about 15 pounds and need to get it back!

I have no input other than, good luck getting through this! Has this only happened while lifting weights?

It happens to some degree at other times, but it is to be expected due to having anxiety issues and being off the benzos for about three months. However, I always felt good lifting in the past but now it just seems like it is too much stimulation.

Any pre-workout stimulants?

Any type of stimulants daily?

I use no stimulants or caffeine. It revs me up and makes me jittery. I can’t even have too much dark chocolate. A soda at lunch will have me up all night. Yes I realize I sound like a wuss with all this, but the benzo withdrawal is to blame. No really… haha

Benzo is supposed to be a harsh one to get over and it can take many months from what I have read. You might have to soldier through. Have you talked to a doctor to see if there is something that can ease you through it? Good luck.

The past year tapering off the benzo has been hell. It has left all my emotions and bodily systems fighting to balance themselves. I am sure it is still all a part of it and I will likely have to keep going slow and steady. I was just really trying to isolate what might be going on. If it is the CNS then I know nothing but time. if it is just that I start pumping out cortisol or norepinephrine then perhaps I could supplement with something.