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CNS Inhibition Supplementation Protocol?

Dear @Christian_Thibaudeau,

Have been listening to your lastest podcast with Adapnation a couple of times and it’s absolute gold! I have a couple of questions regarding the CNS inhibition supplementation protocol. I’ll do my best to keep it as short as possible.

Since the birth of my son back in March I have been dealing with some sleeping issues. My main concern is that I’m having trouble getting into a deep sleep. So every little noice will wake me up. This makes me very tired throughout the day and very unmotivated to get stuff done. Even my training sucks because of this.

Regarding the supplementation protocol:

  • My last meal of the day will be around 19.00 when my son is in bed and I will be heading to bed myself around 21.00. What would be a wise moment to take the glycine (2gr) + magnesium taurate (60gr mag. + 750gr. L-taurine + 1,5gr P-5-P)? Before the meal, after the meal or just before bedtime?
  • From my knowledge if vitamine C is added with glycine, this will help build collagen. Would you think it’s wise NOT to add vitamine C because of the possibility that the glycine will not be directed to the brain but to collagen structures?
  • Do you think that the addition of 5-HTP would be a good thing as well? And what dossage would you recommend?