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CNS in the Morning?


i had a question, everyone says that it take about 2-3 hours after u wakeup for the cns to be woken up enough to train hard. what if i was to wake up at say 5am eat and go back to bed at 530 and wake up at 730 and go to the gym would my cns b awake because i broke my deeo sleep and kind of took a nap so to speak?


Take a good dose of caffeine and ephedrine...you won't need to worry about CNS then :slightly_smiling:


Who is "everyone"?

LOL at "CNS" being treated like it isn't YOU.

If YOU are awake, your "CNS" is also.

Hell, it never went to sleep!


There is way too much worry about the "CNS" as it is. I wish some people would just open a text book.


You think disrupting your sleep is the solution to your problem? I'm not a fan of your problem solving skills. I also think you are focusing on the wrong problems in which to solve. I work out first thing in the morning after waking every day. It gets the job done.

Do extra warm up sets.. caffeine... cold shower.. or whatever.


I stroke my CNS every day, works wonders.

If it's being naughty though, I don't feed it and sometimes I have to send it to the naughty corner.


This is such a weird question. I've read the best time was working in the AM after you first wake up, like you stated. But the reasoning was higher testosterone levels. I tried it, I was noticeably weaker. Other people have stated it works for them. Wake up, eat and workout in the morning. If you're noticeably stronger and like it, keep doing it. If it sucks, don't bother.

I have the option to workout at 1pm after lunch and 8pm after dinner. I work out at 1pm because I tried both and am stronger and more energetic at 1 pm. See how I was able to come to that conclusion without worrying about my CNS?


The body adapts to any demands you place on it in time, whether the morning is an optimal time to train, depends on the individual.

Everyone has their own specific circadian cycles and bio-rhythms....you should train when yours allows you to perform your best. Some people are "morning people" and some are "night owls." Most people fall in between.

Seriously, if people just learned to listen to what their own bodies told them, and less to what others say, they would make much more progress.

You can gather and receive advice and input from others, but then old fashioned trial and error, will get you where you want to go, in time. Problem is, if you don't take the time to listen to and learn how your body responds, you won't be learn how to make the proper adjustments when needed.

Disrupted sleep is never a good thing


Be careful. I made this same statement in the other thread and am still being attacked for it. Some of these guys don't want to listen to their own bodies. They want someone to spoon feed them and tell them what to do forever.



The only time it goes to sleep is in death!


"How do you like your CNS in the morning?"
"I love the smell of CNS in the morning."



It might be worse. When I nap during the day I typically wake up sluggish as shit. That's just me though. Imo your muscles, tendons, etc just aren't ready to be used explosively until they are warm and stretched from daily activities. Nobody can tell you for sure. Only you can tell if your body is ready train.


I don't buy into the "optimal time to train" period. Heck sometimes me and my brother are still yawning at the end of a workout! Same appplies to the proverbial 8 hours sleep; we both get 5-6 hours sleep often but that doesn't stop gains.

Progression from workout to workout is what matters.

Not just how strong you are at a particular time of day.

Train around your schedule, not at that so called "magical time of the day".


Syngery called it correctly in terms of circadian or diurnal rhythm. I am more energized if I train in the afternoon....but often train at night because it fits into my schedule better. There is no one optimal time for all people and that is why newbs only reading online with no action will be held back.

You wouldn't have to tell that to someone who had been busting their ass enough to already know when they felt more energy to train.....and if they were really serious, being a little tired wouldn't stop them anyway.


Damn straight! After all, who works 40 to 60 hours a week and is always lucky enough to pick and choose when they wanna train because they feel oh-so-chipper at those times?!


Koresh says that even if you aren't an insulated, sponsored Olympic athlete, you still need to train at the same time everyday and get 8 to 10 hours of sleep without alarms, clocks, refrigerators, and computers on. This sucks for me, because I don't train at the same times, and live in a studio in which my one room has a refrigerator, computer, air conditioner, and alarm clock on while I sleep.


First..perhaps you are confusing spinal hydration with CNS status?

No.....waking up and going back to sleep will not get it done.
Yes...everyone is different.
Yes....the body will usually adapt.
Yes.....if it's bodybuilding training you should be able to continue to progress.

Yes....if my goal is body-comp.; I believe morning training is more effective.
No....I have never reached the strength levels during periods of morning training I have reached during afternoon training.

**The closer you are to your genetic potential and the older you get(in age & training years), things like sleep, meals, training times, etc. become more important.


Guys lucky enough to have a gym at their job :wink:


You are a lucky man. I don't have that and I don't get a lunch hour. I have to eat at my desk. I also have small children that I want to see after work before they go to bed. So that leaves the AM. I have always felt that i am stronger later in the day. I just didn't have a choice in the matter. I have made progress in the morning. My CNS can suck it. So can my spinal fuild. Has anyone heard that one? You should lift later in the day because you dont have enough spinal fluid in the morning? I can't lift any other time. So my spine can suck it too.


I doubt there is even one huge guy out there who gave a shit about whether his spinal fluid was timed correctly.

That's a new one....and we get stupid shit here all day long.

If you look average but are worried about your spinal fluid, find a new hobby.