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CNS Finger Tap Test


Inspired by Dan John's description in the book Easy Strength and his 3 Tape Measures of Progress article I created an iPhone/iPad/iPod app to track my finger tap test results.

CNS Tap Test is free on iTunes:


Love it, going to d/l it now.



that's cool man. too bad I don't have an iPhone or iPad haha


Cool man!


hy, first of all thanks for the exelent app! just a question, how do you meassure you cns activation? is there any scale?
for example i scored 93 with the right hand and 88 with the left...whats the meaning?
thanks in advance for you response!!


Your probably right handed?

Your suppose to use the figure as a 'rough' baseline.

Chances are if your slower on the CNS thing you probably won't be hitting PB's...but again it's no hard and fast rule and not many coaches are specific enough or trust any sort of thing like this or any other device to measure CNS properly to base training around it...



Another good tool for the toolbox. Thanks



EDIT: You should have the a "time of day" attached to it for reference. I train at night mostly and would like to see if my CNS is more active then.


No apple products here, but nice! cool stuff for sure


There is an app for android called "Test your reflexes" that is similar.

I'm kind of in a planned overtraining mode right now, but it will be interesting to see how the numbers change through training.


Just got it, plan on using it every day and seeing how it works for me.


It might be a dumb question, but what's the right way to do the test? I find that if I flexing my whole arm and vibrating my hand I get much more tap than just relaxing my arm and tapping my finger.


Read ths instructions in the app. thumb and three other fingers need to be resting on flat surface the phone is resting on. You are testing the acuity of your fine motor patterns, which translates to the level of interference from sympathetic tone (nervous stress.)


Thanks orcrist, English is not my first language so I just wanna double check if i get it. According to the instruction, I should place my other fingers on the table, keep hands and arms totally relaxed, and tap with my index finger. Am I right?

I find that I can keep my arm relaxed during slow taping, but if I try to tap faster, my arm tend to flex. The more I flex my arm, the faster I can tap.


There's a great app for it for both android and iOS called CNS Tap Test by smudge.io



I've found this test as well as monitoring waking heart rate to be great indicators of my daily training readiness. Especially the latter seems to reflect changes in diet/sleep that might hamper my work capacity for the day. Pretty cool stuff.