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CNS Fatigue

I think I’ve been working out too hard and have CNS fatigue. I’ve had low enthusiasm for anything that involves hard work and I’ve felt tired. Part of it may just be because I’ve had some other stressors (my father is ill with a condition called spinal cerebellar ataxia and I’m also applying for jobs).

Let me list the workout I do below and ask for any proposed adjustments. I basically am 4 weeks into phase II of Scrawny to Brawny. So, 3 days a week I do hard, compound lifts at basically maximal effort each day (close to muscle failure). I also play basketball for about 60 or 75 min twice a week (which obviously has many moments of maximal effort). And I do additional strenuous core work before basketball and on most off days.

I do eat enough (around 3500 clean calories) and sleep about 7 or 8 hours a day. My muscles feel some soreness, but not extreme soreness. I’m not a huge guy (5’5", 135, age 27). Should I not go to maximal effort in all 3 weight lifting sessions? If so, how hard should I push myself?

I do a lot of core work because I have a pretty weak core, but I might be better off just adding one core exercise into each lifting session instead of doing as much as I do. My week usually looks like:

Sunday Morning: 20 min strenuous core work, then 60-75 min of 3 on 3 basketball
Monday Evening: intramural basketball (1 hr)
Tuesday Eve: 5x5 deadlift, 5x5 dips, 2 sets of cable rows
Wednesday: Off day with 20 min of strenuous core work
Thursday: 5x5 front squat, 5x5 incline bench press, 2 sets of bulgarian split squat, 2 sets of one arm rows
Friday: Off day but I sometimes throw in some core work
Saturday: 5x5 chinups, 5x5 Hang clean & press, 2 sets of cable pull throughs

Thanks for any feedback.

What are you eating?
Are you have a PWO meal/shake?
“10 good crunches are better than 50 bad ones” So lighten up. Your core is for stabilization right? You hit your core hard before basketball, and then throughout basketball your are taxing the hell out of it again. Jumping, shooting, rebounding, running…every freakin’ thing you are doing is taxing your core more.

Maximal effort is good, but does it lend to your goals?

What are your goals?

I’m a fat boy, so mine is fat loss. Decide and set yourself up for success.

Stay the course, bro, and sorry to hear about your father.