CNS Fatigue

My program has me lifting 6x a week, but it’s the same program that i used as a beginner. Now that i’m using a lot more weight, i’m a little concerned about CNS fatigue and how often i’m lifting. I still have tons of motivation, but my last 4 weeks have not shown the same improvement that i would have expected. This week has been a deload.

I would like to do a ME day followed by a max reps day (opposing muscle groups), but i feel that max reps will still tax my CNS too much. will it?

what exactly is the workout? sets/reps/% of maxes please. how much are you eating?

day 1
flat bench 3x5. 85% max.
incline bench 2x8. 75% max.
dips 2x10, 1xfailure at bw.
arnold press 2x6. 70% max.
tri pulldown. 2x6.

day 2
pullups 5x max
commando pullups 3x4.
chinups 3x5. last set failure.
bent over row 2x10. 50% max.

day 3
deadlifts 2x4. 80% ish. 1x10 at 50%.
lunges 2x25
leg press 3x8. 75% max.

day 4
incline bench 3x3-5. 85% max
flat bench 2x6. 75% max
arnold press 2x8. 60%ish.
push ups 5x25. last set is damn close to failure.

day 5
pullups max sets of 5.
seated row 3x4-5. 80% max.
bent over row 3x8 70% max.
chins 3x5
reverse grip curl 2x10.

day 6
squats 3x5. 80-85% max.
box step ups 3x15. 60% or so max.
single leg DL 3x10. 60% or so
calf raise. 3x8. 70%.

when i first started this, i was able to grow pretty well while going to failure on most sets of major lifts. i now only go to failure on the last set of the first lift, which still may be too much. i’ve read mixed reviews on going to failure. opinions would be great.

since every bodypart is worked twice a week, i wanted to make half of the workouts max rep days to reduce the load. however, i’m not sure it will change the stress on the CNS.

diet is 4k calories. 350g protein, 450g carbs, 90g fat.

Get yourself some Power Drive from the Biotest store, take a scoop PWO and it will help with CNS recovery.


I second what London Runner said, peri-workout nutrition is key. You’re eating alot, which is awesome. Make sure to get your sleep, and I would say back off of going to failure. It sounds like you just need to take a deload(like you said) and then go back at it full throttle. Your gains should continue after the aforementioned tweaks.

thanks. much appreciated.