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CNS Fatigue: Myth?!


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Did we define CNS Fatigue yet?


Half of sports science is coming up with Latin sounding names for stuff Arnold was doing instinctively back on the 70’s.
I’m pretty sure I read this on T nation somewhere.
The lesson - Science is great. But the greats treat there whole life as an experiment. So their evidence is not as anecdotal as it would normally appear. They try, measure, review and adapt.
So if the guys making and training the greatest power lifters and strong men of all time think there is something in CNS fatigue- I’d just take it as evidence enough.

I mean how many record breaking power lifters walk out of the lab?


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I should apologize for my argumentation style. It may seem belligerent or hostile, but that’s not my intention. On this side of the keyboard its just casual and easy going.


Unfortunately no. It would be a disservice to higher learning if I didn’t admit that I stumbled into that with the same ignorance and clumsiness that I do everything else.


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CNS is best tracked croniclly not acutely. One session is easily recovered from but deeply diving into the neural well repeatly day after day, week after week will tell a different story.

From my own experience, I have about 6 weeks of grind before my recal is affected. Eight weeks and some speech patterns are affected. Like literally the ability to form sentences and speak normally.

I hope to never go back that deep :joy:


Chronic not acute! I agree, the fatigue builds up.

And the rate of progression speeds up the accumulation of the fatigue. Like when you really bust ass on the deadlift for a few weeks, feel really excited to pull, and suddenly loose 100 pounds off your lift.


I agree with both of you. I started doing heavy farmer carries recently (roughly 2x bw on first session) next day had mild muscle soreness but felt like I had a cold. If you’ve ever started super yoke carries before you’ll know that feeling as well. After doing it for a while you body adapts and the drain isn’t as bad.

Also joint approximation is a great stimulator of the neurological system. This is a technique we use in stroke rehab and TBI rehab. So it stands to reason that putting near max loads through the joints will stimulate the neurological system on over drive ie deadlift, squats, carries etc.

All the info I saw on studies didn’t really show loads that imo would stimulate any neurological fatigue. Sets of 12? 5x5? Those are loads that are commonly used and are 70-85% loads I’m most cases. Like some one said max deads 10 days in a row and use that as your study. I’d you don’t feel dead after that then you aren’t human.


Yeah, doing new, heavy stuff is how I first experienced it.

Farmers Walk, Rack Pulls, reverse band lifts. Dumb lifts where you go heavy from the start and progress fast because they’re new. You feel so strong and great and keep adding weight and its hype. Then one day, all the sudden you can’t even get in position to start to try to set up for the lift.

“One minute the sky is the limit, next minute, the sky is falling.” Louie Simmons.

Does anyone have info on any studies where they used heart rate variability or daily squeezes on the hand dynometer to measure CNS fatigue over a longer period of time?

Also, did we ever define CNS fatigue?

Edit: More from The Master Blaster


We could use this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_nervous_system_fatigue

(yeah, I know it’s wiki…)


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