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CNS Fatigue: Myth?!


if you do not intend to help and contribute to the topic.

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Oh! We got a lively one!


You’ve posted 11 times in this thread. 1 or 2 of them were on topic. Anytime you’d like to start discussing CNS fatigue and addressing the counterpoints that have been brought up, feel free.

But right now, this warrior is going out for Valentine’s dinner. Catch you guys tomorrow.


You want to talk CNS fatigue fine… in those studies were they they done on top level strength athletes? Louie Simmons at Westside barbell might disagree with some of those studies findings.



this study is with elite athletes:

  • Um estudo da recuperação neuromuscular de atletas de elite. Eles estavam agachados com mais de 190 kg e correndo 100 m em 10,44 segundos.
    Mesmo neste caso, não houve fadiga central!


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I don’t really have an opinion on this, but I do appreciate the collegial tone of the OP. When I want a respectful, healthy debate, I do the following:

  1. post a wall of text with links and challenge people to read it.
  2. call people f**n idiots who insinuate step #1 wasn’t the best approach
  3. challenge and degrade the moderators of the debate forum
  4. sit back, relax, and let the spirited debate unfold.


What does this mean to you?


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I’m just asking what it means to him.

Also, if the central nervous system is heavily implicated in adaptation to strength and power training, why would there be adaptation without some sort of stressor?

Then in the next line: [quote=“wq9ill, post:30, topic:252868”]
It is also conceivable that central fatigue
323 per se is not necessary to induce an adaptive response and we speculate that the
324 ability to recruit the target areas of the neuromuscular system during the session is
325 arguably the most important element of resistance exercise in elite athletes.

What is this central fatigue that they speak of as not being necessary if CNS fatigue is a myth?

Therefore, at this point, I would also ask what it means to you?

It seems quite clear to me that even the researchers conducting the study acknowledge the existence of CNS fatigue.


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