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CNS Fatigue: Myth?!

It is common to talk about CNS fatigue, especially in heavy deadlift! But, it seems to be a myth!

I would like to share the studies and know the opinions of the users.

My topic on this was deleted 4x, I do not know the reason. I have just posted SCIENTIFIC STUDIES. It seems they do not want people to know about their studies.

Has anyone seen anything related? Is it real ?!

see the studies:

*The higher the intensity of exercise, the more CNS fatigue you induce!
NOT! It is quite the opposite:


*A study compared 3 sets of 12 with 1 minute rest between sets vs. 5 sets of 3 with 3 minutes rest between sets. What caused the most fatigue in the central nervous system? NONE!!
No training has caused any CNS fatigue!


  • A study of the neuromuscular recovery of elite athletes. They were crouching over 190 kg and running 100 m in 10.44 seconds.
    Even in this case, there was no central fatigue!


*Then how would CNS fatigue be?" researchers questioned whether CNS fatigue exists. The vast majority of what was previously thought to be central fatigue can actually be explained by local fatigue. But CNS fatigue probably occurs by other mechanisms. May be neurochemical or metabolic:


*Barnes et al. (2017) have directly studied the claim that deadlifts cause more CNS fatigue than squats. They trained men to perform 8 sets of 2 repetitions at 95% of 1RM with 5 minutes of rest between sets in squatting and ground lifting


*Does CNS fatigue take longer to recover than muscle fatigue?
Latella et al. (2016) studied the recovery time of the CNS after the strength training.
It took 20 minutes for the CNS to recover !!


  • Research confirms that CNS fatigue is evident only in the post-workout, even though muscle pain and peripheral neuromuscular fatigue lasted 3 days to recover.


*A study found central fatigue, studied a contraction of 70 minutes in the biceps !!!
I do not think anybody should do a workout like that! Who here does 70min of contraction in biceps?


It is concluded that the fatigue of the CNS recovers in a few minutes (when it happens) and not in a few days as it is customary to report.

Bro, if you want to discuss this topic, it’s best-suited to this forum.

You’re bringing up a shit-ton of info and research that (I’m guessing) CT doesn’t have the time, energy, or interest to look in to, so it’s not going in his coaching forum.

I am sharing studies with CT and all. Specifically, I would like to share in the CT forum.

But for some reason it’s being erased. CT does not answer all topics. I believe you have no reason to delete my posts. I am within the rules.

Are you erasing or own CT? 6x off.

Thank you.

I believe you are incorrect. I e-mailed you about 30 seconds after the first thread was removed. There are no links to training/nutrition sites or blogs.

You’re welcome to discuss the topic here but, from my perspective, “read these 15 studies and tell me what you think” is a tall order.

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that CNS fatigue is a legitimate situation that depends on variables like training volume and intensity as well as recovery methods like sleep and nutrition. To call CNS fatigue “a myth” is disingenuous at best, probably oversimplified at worst.

I did the studies, I did a favor with the intention of helping everyone.

No one is required to read 15 studies. People are free and do it if you want.

Speak this to scientific studies, not to me!

I’m just sharing studies. Have you done any controlled scientific study on this? Show me

Please move this topic to where I had posted initially.

No one is obliged to read, respond or even believe in studies.

What you’re doing is practically a “dictatorship.”

Do not you believe, so that’s why no one else should read about it and deserve to have the post deleted / moved?

'Ya got me.


That’s not news to anyone who knows programming. I wouldn’t expect to see CNS fatigue from 3x12 or from 5x3 with long rest periods.

Elite athletes training with low volume and moderate-to-high intensity? Again, not a shocker that they didn’t see CNS fatigue.

That’s all I have time to address right now. Not too interested in addressing it more in-depth anyhow.

Long story short: A - No, I do not agree that CNS fatigue is a myth. And B - This thread is remaining in the BSL forum.


Can you delete the topic, please?


do you mean read the studies? Or do you have a degree in the actual field of sport science?

So people on the BSL forum are shit and below you?

again there are people who come to BSL forum

joking correct?

you said you wanted to help other… was that a lie?

@Chris_Colucci please sir dont do it!


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Define CNS fatigue?


First, my language is Portuguese.
Sorry for my English.

I meant that I looked for scientific studies. “I did not do it”

in no time I said that the people of the forum are shit. Quite the contrary, I did it for the reason of wanting to help, publicize studies. I posted 6x here on the topic and it was deleted.

The forum director deleted 6x my topic. And I questioned the director about this, I wanted to know the reason people could not read and know about the studies ?!

Sounds like butthole fatigue from having your topic moved.

Anyhoo- sometimes science takes a while to catch up to performance. Can’t really expect for universities to study every permutation and effect of every training variable at a granular level right now because we said so.


And I explained it to you.

This thread will not be deleted because there’s no need. The topic of CNS fatigue is one worth having, even if your support is shaky.

the initial idea was to help with scientific information, to spread, to discuss.

all in the best possible way.

but as we can see, this topic has become useless, a mess.

was deleted 6x. Now that it should be deleted, it’s still here. cool.

So… discuss. I brought up points. USMC brought up points. Sky brought up points.

hahahahahahah … now it’s worth it?

you delete 6x before. has become such a mess.

this all turned into an off topic discussion

and for some reason, you’ve changed your mind. Super funny. do as you wish, warrior.

For the record I brought up points also… even if I came across passive aggressive
Bring up that people do come to the BSL forum.

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all your discussion was off topic

wasnt talking to you kid

fuck you idiot.

hey director, I repeat, exclude this topic shit.
Is understanding the reason I just wanted to post on the top of the CT?